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Katavi National Park


Katavi National Park is located south western Tanzania to the east of Lake Tanganyika, and is the third largest park in Tanzania, covering an area of 4471 km².

Katavi is remote, undeveloped and a real untouched wilderness, ideal for those who want to get away from hordes of tourists and experience Africa like it used to be.

Most of the wildlife in concentrated along the Katuma River and the seasonal Lakes Katavi and Chada and their floodplains. Wildlife found in Katavi include a large population of hippos, elephants, buffalo, giraffe, zebra, warthogs, impala, reedbuck, hartebeest, waterbuck, eland, bushbuck, duikers and other small antelopes. Predators include lion, leopard, spotted hyena, cheetah, wild dog, crocodiles, wild cat, serval cat and the caracal.

Katavi National Park can be visited all year round, but the best time to visit is during the dry seasons, May to October and December to February, when the wildlife gather in large numbers around the water spots. You can combine a safari in Katavia with a visit to Mahale Mountains National Park and/or Gombe Stream National Park.

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