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Guide to Africa

African Countries

Detailed and essential travellers information on each African country.

Africa Map

Find out the exact location of an African country and use this clickable image map of Africa to take you to the individual countries sections.

The True Size of Africa

How big is Africa in relation to many other countries?

People and Culture

Tribal groups, art and craft, symbols of their culture music and dance, weddings, ceremonies, events and festivals. What's on when and where.

Facts and Figures

Detailing highest point, largest, smallest country and many other little known facts.


Health issues and advice.


Support Charties working on the African continent.

Visas, Embassies, Consulates

Location details in your country.

About African Overland Trips

Explore the entire African continent by land.


View all the different African flags and make a purchase if you wish.

Cooking and Recipes

Browse through all our receipes, buy cookery books and utensils.

National Anthems

Listen to the National Anthem of each individual African country.

Travel Tips

To help you along the way.


All about the animals seen in Africa.

Articles and Blogs

A collection of African travel articles.

Africa Photo Library

Or for your convenience we have made a selection of African photos for each category below.

African Wildlife  •  African Bird Species  •  African People and Culture  •  African Flora  •  African Scenery

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