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Namibia lies in Southwest Africa and borders the South Atlantic Ocean to the west, Angola to the north, Zambia in the northeast, Botswana in Southeast and South Africa to the South.

Namibia is the 34th largest country in the world. It stretches for 1,300km from south to north and varies from 480km to 930km in width from west to east.

The country encompasses broad geographical variations and can be divided into four regions. The dunes and desert coastal plains of Namib, the Skeleton Coast, the Kalahari Basin and the wooded bushveld of Kavango and Caprivi.

The oldest desert in the world, the Namib Desert, stretches along the entire west coast of the country, while the Kalahari Desert runs along its southeastern border with Botswana.

The capital city of Namibia is Windhoek, a modern city located in the central part of the country in the Khomas Highland plateau area lyng at about 1,700 metres above sea level.

The population of Namibia is just over 2.3 million (Jan 2015) and English is widely spoken throughout the country as it is Namibia's s official language,  50% of the Namibian population speaks Afrikaans and German is also widely understood. Oshiwambo is spoken by 50% of Namibians as a mother tongue.

Namibia is a very tourist friendly country of stunning beauty and wide horizons dominated by the the oldest desert in the world, the Namib Desert, which also has highest sand dunes in the world. Etosha National Park, one of the largest preserves on the African continent, is a perfect destination for a safari, home to a large variety of wildlife.

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