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Botswana is a landlocked country located in Southern Africa. It has land borders with Zimbabwe in the northeast, South Africa in the south and southeast and with Namibia to the west.

The country is a broad tableland with a mean altitude of 3,300 ft. A vast plateau of about 4,000 ft in height, extending from near Kanye north to the Zimbabwean border, divides the country into two distinct topographical regions.

The eastern region is hilly bush country and grassland (veld). To the west lie the Okavango Swamps and the Kalahari Desert. The only sources of permanent surface water are the Chobe River in the north, the Limpopo in the east, and the Okavango in the northwest. In seasons of heavy rainfall, floodwaters flow into the Makarikari Salt Pans and Lake Ngami.

The capital and largest city of Botswana is Gaborone situated in the southeastern corner of Botswana, about 15kms from the South African border.

The population of Botswana is an estimated 2.1 million (Jan 2015). The country has two official languages, one is English, the other a local language called Setswana (Tswana).

For a small country it boasts a huge variety of spectacular wildlife viewing and birding opportunities with Chobe National Park being home to the largest number of elephants in Africa.  Mixed in with breath taking landscape and scenery and few crowds, this makes Botswana a perfect holiday destination.

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