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Lengwe National Park


Lengwe National Park covers and area of 900 sq km and lies within the lower Shire Valley about 80kms south of Blantyre and bordering to the west with Mozambique.

The natural vegetation of the area is mixed woodland and grassy dambo although much of the surrounding area has been turned into a sugarcane plantation.

It is probably most famed for the nyala antelope, not found in the other northern parks of Malawi. Other antelope, such as bushbuck, impala, duiker and kudu are found here as well as warthogs, monkeys and baboons. Unfortunately, poaching has taken it's toll in this park and along with the dense vegetation, sightings of animals is harder than in some other parks.

Depending on the rainfall the park may be closed or inaccessible during the months of January and February.

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