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Malawi National Parks and Game Reserves


Malawi National Parks, Game Reserves Map
Malawi National Parks Map

Malawi is a naturalists paradise, and boasts as rich a variety of large mammals as most African Countries; including the so called big five - buffalo, elephant, lion, leopard and rhinoceros. There are over 170 species of mammals and some 600 recorded species of bird.

As with everywhere, human population pressures have meant that most the big game species are now restricted to game reserves and national parks.

Malawi may not be as well known for it's wildlife as it neighbouring Zambia or Tanzania but it does offer comparable and excellent wildlife viewing opportunities, having over 170 species of mammals, including the BIG 5.

Malawi has a prolific birdlife, with over 600 species of bird to be found within the country. Most species breed in Malawi but some migrate from Europe and Asia to spend the rainy season in Malawi, with other species preferring to spend the dry months in other areas of Africa. November to January are the best month for birding enthusiasts.

Lake Malawi has a designated area of National Park to protect the rare tropical fish, some of which are not found anywhere else in the world.  The lake is perfect to visit all year round.

To get the most out of a wildlife viewing safari you will need to take into consideration the climate. The best times of the year for game viewing is during the dry season August to November. Some parks will be closed or impassable without a four wheel drive vehicle during the raining season, particularly January to March.

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