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Libya Visitor Information

The climate has marked seasonal variations influenced by both the Mediterranean Sea and the desert. Along the Tripolitanian coast, summer temperatures range between 40.6°C and 46°C (105°F and 115°F); further south, temperatures are even higher. Summers in the north of Cyrenaica range from 26.7°C - 32°C (80°F-90°F). In Tobruk, the average January temperature is 13.4°C (56°F); July 26°C (79°F). The ghibli, a hot, dry desert wind, can change temperatures by 17° - 22°C (30° -40°F) in both summer and winter. Rainfall varies from region to region. The Jabal areas of the north receive a yearly average of 15 to 20 inches. Other regions have less than 8 inches. Rain falls generally in a short winter period and frequently causes floods. Evaporation is high and severe droughts are common.

This information is currently changing on a rapid basis.

Tourist offices and/or embassies, representing Libya, located around the world

Official Currency:    Libyan Dinar=1000 dirhams.
Current Exchange Rate:    Today's Exchange Rate

Credit cards and travellers cheques are not accepted. Cash in US Dollars is the best, and mostly the only option.

Electric Power is 120V - 120V.
The Plug type used in Lybia is: "Type C, D, F, L"

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