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Libya is situated on the coast of North Africa and is the fourth largest country on the continent. It borders with Egypt in the east, Sudan in the southeast, Chad and Niger in the south, Algeria to the west and Tunisia in the northwest and the Mediterranean Sea in the north.

Libya forms part of the North African plateau extending from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea. The highest point is 10,335 ft, a peak in the extreme south. The main geographical areas are Tripolitania, Cyrenaica, and Fezzan. Tripolitania consists of a series of terraces rising slowly from sea level along the coastal plain of the Jafara to sharp escarpments commonly called the Jabal. These are the most important agricultural areas of Tripolitania. South of the Jabal is an upland plateau of sand, scrub and scattered masses of stone. Further south are depressions extending from east to west. Here are found many oases and artesian wells. An upland plateau rising to 2,000 ft gives a rugged coastline to Cyrenaica. This plateau, the Green Mountain (Jabal Akhdar) contains three of Libya's leading cities - Benghazi, El Bayda and Darnah. Further south, the desert is studded with oases such as Jalu and Jaghbub. South of Cyrenaica are the Tibesti Mountains. The Fezzan is largely a series of depressions with occasional oases. There are no perennial rivers in the whole country.

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