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Safaris (292)
Classic Africa trips geared towards wildlife viewing... view all
Touring Holidays
Touring Holidays (158)
Cultural tours and historical sites... view all
Overland Trips
Overland Trips (131)
Cross border trips with safaris and tours included... view all
Adventure Holidays
Adventure Holidays (67)
Activities around mountains, oceans and rivers... view all
Volunteer Projects
Volunteer Projects (34)
Enviromental and cultural exchanges... view all
Beach Holidays
Beach Holidays (16)
Paradise islands and mainland resorts... view all
Safari and Beach
Safari and Beach (95)
Combine safaris, tours, adventure activities and beach.... view all
Family Safaris
Family Safaris (44)
Family friendly safaris. Keeping the whole family happy..... view all
Mountain Climbing
Mountain Climbing (39)
Climbing/Trekking (Mt.Kilimanjaro, Mt.Meru, Mt.Kenya).... view all
Gorilla Watching
Gorilla Watching (43)
See the Great Apes of Africa up close and personal.... view all
Photographic Safaris
Photographic Safaris (11)
The best of photo opportunities with experienced guides..... view all
Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls (107)
See the mighty Zambezi river cascade over the falls.... view all
Air/Fly-In Safaris
Air/Fly-In Safaris (13)
Get a unique aerial view of Africa on an Air Safari.... view all
Weddings, Honeymoons
Weddings, Honeymoons (13)
Have a perfect wedding and honeymoon in Africa.... view all
Bike Trips
Bike Trips (10)
Bicycles supplied, just bring your sense of adventure..... view all
Walking Safaris
Walking Safaris (39)
Walk in the African bush undisturbed by vehicles and roads..... view all
Bird Watching Safaris
Bird Watching Safaris (11)
See Africa's varied bird life with local birding guides..... view all
Africa For Everyone
Africa For Everyone (7)
Services for wheelchairs and those with impaired hearing..... view all
Festivals & Events
Festivals & Events (9)
Colourful and vibrant festivals. Musical, religous, cultural..... view all
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