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Our reviews are Fully Qualified

We do not take reviews from unqualified sources

Since 1996 we have been working with the best tour operators in Africa. Our unique relationship with those operators ensures only people who have participated in a trip after making an enquiry for it at can leave a review.

The email we send you when you make an enquiry has full instructions for registering a booking and leaving a review - both are free services.

Feel free to read through the reviews for any trip you like the look of.

Trips with no reviews are usually new to but are normally operated by a tour operator who is established here and has gained operator reviews for you to read.

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About Our Operators

Our operators are personally qualified, vetted and known to us.

Since 1996 we have been working with the best tour operators in Africa. Our unique relationship with those operators ensures you get the trip of a lifetime.
We have participated as clients on many of the trips supplied by our operators. Yes we have a great job!

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