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Give yourself plenty of time - Africa has a much slower pace of life. Do not try to see and do too much in a short space of time - it is better to spend a fair amount of time in one place and really get to know it and the people than to rush around and not meet anyone - just to say you have been to additional places.

It is arrogant to expect ethic African cultures to adapt to your cultural protocols. It is far more polite to acknowledge and respect cultural attributes of different communities and ethnic groups.
Try to meet and chat to local people rather than just other travellers, you will come away with much more knowledge and experience

Learn at least the basics of the local language. A simple hello, please or thank you goes a long way.

Be flexible and prepared to change your plans.

Read up on the countries you plan to visit - you will get a far better reception if you take an interest in the people, respect their culture and speaking even a few words of the local language will break huge barriers.

Look and be confident in whatever you do. Not only does this deter thieves but it also makes choices easier to make.

It is common sense not to walk around with a map waving it around like a matador. If you get lost go into a shop and take the map out inside.

If something doesn't go right, smile and be persistent in what you want - try not to get mad, do not start shouting or become agressive.

When travelling in a taxi - always agree a fare before setting off - if its a metered taxi, make sure the meter is reset when you start your journey or agree a price with the driver.

When travelling on public transport - ensure that all your valuables are with you at all times - do not leave them in your bag which will be placed on the roof or in a luggage compartment.

Help the local economy of developing countries by buying local produce in preference to imported goods.

Help the small local subsidence farmer by purchasing from markets street and road sides stalls where possible.

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