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Re: I am in need of information on how to marry my fiance in Morocco

Registered: 8 years ago
Posts: 2
For any help I can get on this matter, I highly appreciate it..I am an american woman who has fallen in love with a very wonderful Moroccan man..I went to Morocco last May to meet him and spend time with his family.
When I came back to the states, I filled out a Fiance Visa, which is required. After waiting 8 months I received an answer to fill out more paperwork proving our intentions of marrying. I sent them back, with more money, of course.. only to receive another request for more proof of our meeting in Morocco and of our intentions...of course, again with more money...only to be denied because they said I sent them $40 dollars less then I was supposed to.. I sent them the letter showing the amount they told me but they still did not waver in their answer..
My Fiance and I are desperate to be together and want to start our lives together...
Someone please help me to know what to do. If i go there again can we get married and then he can come live with me in my city in the US??? I am tired of waiting to be with him and want someone to please help me fulfill my dreams and his.. We have limited resources financially. I have spent a lot already.. If i could afford a lawyer to help I would.. any help on her is appreciated.
Thanks so much...
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Registered: 8 years ago
Posts: 1
There are some rules you need to check
Ideally it would have made easier if yo had and engagement in Morocco when you were there.

The easiest of way would be for you to have Visit him again and marry in Morocco at least with a small reception,
There are soem conditions one need to meet to register a marraige in Morocco
1) the Parties should be of the same Faith (muslims)
2) if the foriegner is a non muslim it cannot be registered in Morocco
3) the Foreign party in this case you should have a document that states you are currently not married, (an Affidavit from a Lawyer/Solicitor) or stating that divorced and single
4) Birth certifate indicating age/@#$%&
5) A Record from the foreing country to validate the person does not have any leagal proceeding at the moment and clear from any criminal records

Once you marry while you are in Morocco you should ask hime to paply for visa whiles you are there.
This would be the easiest.
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Registered: 10 years ago
Posts: 10
There is a web site that helped me a lot when I brought my Moroccan husband to the US. Its called and there is alot of helpful information and links there. Couldnt have done it without the people there. Good luck.
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Registered: 8 years ago
Posts: 2
The easiest of way would be for you to have Visit him again and marry in Morocco at least with a small reception.
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Registered: 3 years ago
Posts: 1
Hi, I hope you were both able to figure It out. Im in the same situation and I was wondering if you could help me out. I would really appreciate it if you could because we both truly want to spend the rest of our lives together.. If you could please email here thanks!
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