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West African Cooking and Recipes


West African groundnut stew

Jollof Rice

Benne Cakes


Ago Glain - crabs cooked in a tomato and onion sauce

Akassa - classic staple of a thick cornmeal porridge or pap,

Akkra Funfun - classic vegetarian dish

Beninese Beef Stew

Beninese Bouille

Calalu - classic stew of meat and greens in a tomato

Dahomey Fish Stew


Mouton aux Arachides (Lamb in Peanut Sauce)

Flan au citron

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Banana Bread

Zom (Spinach with meat)

Curry of Beef - Cameroon

FOLON à la Georges

Beef with Pineapple and Coconut

N’Dole (Steak and Collard greens)

Corn Fufu

Cameroon Chicken recipe

Small Fish Pies

Atagwah (Peanut Rolls)

More Cameroonian Recipes

Côte d'Ivoire

Chilled Avocado Soup from the Ivory Coast

Halibut Ivory Coast

Cucumber zucchini Salad

Sauce Claire And Fufu

Aloko - a side dish from Cote d'Ivoire containing plantaine bananas at iAgora.

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Ghana Jollof Rice

Ashanti Chicken

Avocado with smoked fish

Fresh Fish Stew

Plain Soup

Ghanaian Groundnut Soup

Kele Wele - served as a dessert

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A selection of receipes from Nigeria

Nigerian Pepper Soup

Suya - chicken, beef, shrimp or veal

Akara Pancakes - a popular savoury Nigerian dish made with black-eyed beans

More Nigerian recipes


How a Dinner is Served in Senegal

Senegalese Lemon Soup

Tiébou Dienn - cheb-oo-jen - sometimes called the national dish of Sénégal.

Basque Chicken Yassa - A delicious West African lemon-vinegar chicken dish

Senegal Seafood Stew

Ngalax - a delightful dessert

More recipes from Senegal

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