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East African Cooking and Recipes


East African Recipes

East African Sweet Pea Soup

East African chapati

Swahili peanut kashata


How a Dinner is Served in Kenya

Ugali - Cornmeal Porridge - The national dish of Kenya

Sukuma Wiki - Collard Greens

Steak and Irio

Pilau rice with beef stew

Kuku na Nazi (Chicken with coconut milk)

Maharagwe (Spiced red beans in coconut milk)

Mtuza wa Samaki (Baked curried fish)

Plantains in Coconut Milk

Vegetable Curry

Chicken Tika

More recipes from Kenya


Tanzanian Veggie Soup

Zanzibari Beans with Coconut and Cilantro - a vegetarian dish

Ndizi Na Nyama - Banana curry with Beef

Kuku Wa Kupaka - Chicken in Coconut

Samaki Wa Nazi - Fish with chili and coconut

Mchicha - Tanzanian Spinach and Peanut Curry

Kabichi - Stir fried Cabbage with pepper

Beans and Groundnut Relish

Mango Tartlets with Lime Curd and Tropical Nut Crust


Ugandan Curried Potatoes Recipe

Ugandan Groundnut Stew Recipe

Ugandan Matoke Recipe

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