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Democratic Republic of the Congo Visitor Information

Climate Chart for Democratic Republic of Congo
Climate Chart for Democratic Republic of Congo

The climate is tropically hot and humid in the lower western and central regions, which frequent heavy rains from October or November through May south of the equator and from April to November in the north, whilst along the equator itself there is only one season. The higher regions of the east, though, have fairly temperate weather. Average annual temperatures are 25°C (77°F) in the low central basin and 17° to 20°C (63° to 68°F) at altitudes of 5,000 ft. Average annual rainfall in Kinshasa is 56 inches while in Lubumbashi it is 45 inches.

Visas are required by all visitors and they are expensive. You may to be asked to show you have sufficient funds to support your stay . Passports are required by everyone with the exception of children under 6 years of age, travelling on their parents passports as long as they are accompanied by the passport holder.

Official Currency:    Congolese Franc (CDF)
Current Exchange Rate:    Today's Exchange Rate

Credit cards have a very limited use as do traveller cheques. It is best to take US Dollars in hard currency.


There is a domestic service from Kinshasa to the main towns throughout the country. All flights must be paid for in foreign currency.


There are boats and barges travelling up the Congo river from Kinshasha to Kisangani, which you can jump onto at Lisala or Bumba. This is a wonderful way to see the country if you are not limited on time. There are no regular timetables and often the boats run out of fuel or get stuck on sand banks. Many people rely on the river for their livelihood, they meet the boats in canoes ("piroques") to sell food and wares to passengers.

Railways / Train Services

The main railway line serves Lumbumbashi to Ilebo, with a branch to Kalemie via Kabalo and Kisangani.


Bus service run to main towns but these are unreliable and very crowded.


Road conditions are extremely poor, at the best of times but during the rains they are for the most part impassable with many bridges down. Driving is on the right hand side and an International Driving Licence is required. There are few car hire companies, and they are probably the best source of information with regards to restrictions of travel for tourists.

1st January New Year's Day
4th January Commemoration of Martyrs of Independence
1st May Labour Day
20th May Anniversary of the Mouvement Populaire de la Revolution
30th June Independence Day
1st August Parents Day
14th October Youth Day
17 November Army Day
25th December Christmas Day

Electric Power is 220V - 240V running at 50Hz.
The Plug type used in Democratic Republic of Congo is: "Type C, E, F & D"

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