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Selous Game Reserve


The Selous Game Reserve, is located 6-8 hours drive south of Dar-es-Salaam in southern Tanzania and covers an area of approx 54,600km² .

In 1982, the Selous was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the diversity of its wildlife and undisturbed nature.

Due to its remote location, and because it is most easily accessible only by small aircraft, the Selous Game Reserve has remained one of the untouched gems of Tanzania’s national parks and game reserves, and offers visitors a chance to see a wild and expansive Africa far from paved roads and curio shops.

It is home to some of the biggest quantities and largest variety of animals and birds in Africa. Selous has the world's largest number of big game, more than 120,000 elephants, 160,000 buffaloes and about 2,000 rhinoceros, In addition, Selous contains Africa's greatest concentration of hippopotamus, crocodile and wild dog. The Selous is a rare combination of woodlands, marshes, savannah and open grass plains, crisscrossed by many rivers, one being the mighty Rufiji River.

The Rufiji River Delta is a striking feature of the game reserve. It connects the Great Ruaha River with the Rufiji River and not far from the park boundaries empties out into the Indian Ocean along the Tanzanian Coast. The Rufiji River is the largest water catchment in the region, and as such, is home to a great number of varied water wildlife and bird life. Along its shores, large hippos sleep in the mud and sun themselves, mouths wide open, as the river passes by. Crocodiles are also common along the Rufiji’s riverbanks. Stiggler’s Gorge, where the Great Ruaha River meets the Rufiji River, is a breathtaking example of the diversity and spectacular scenery along the game reserve's waterways.

The Selous is unique among Tanzania’s more renowned preserved areas because it is a game reserve, not a national park, and therefore a larger range of activities are allowed. Boating safaris are becoming a popular alternative to vehicle-based trips, and offer visitors a chance to see the diverse wildlife along the Rufiji River close up in all its splendour. Hiking safaris and fly camping are also ideal ways to explore the park and add a bit of adventure to your African experience.

The best time for a safari is from June to the end of October. The park can be reach by road, rail for air, having several airstrips located at the various camps, a flight from Dar-es-Salaam takes approximately 45 minutes.

Safaris in Selous Game Reserve

3 day Lodge Safari – Selous Game Reserve Tanzania
3 day Lodge Safari – Selous Game Reserve Tanzania
Experience wildlife safari in stunning and little-visited location of Southern Tanzania with abundant wildlife
3 Days - USD $2,352
Tanzania Selous Game Reserve Camping Safari
Tanzania Selous Game Reserve Camping Safari
A chance explore the largest game reserve in Africa. Located in Southern Tanzania, Selous is magnificent and inspirational and hoem to some of the last remaining black rhinos
3 Days - USD $1,435

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