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Mount Meru


Mount Meru is a prominent active volcano with an elevation of 4566m , making it the second highest peak in Tanzania, just 700m lower than Mount Kilimanjaro and the fifth highest peak in Africa. It is located within Arusha National Park boundaries but you can get a great view of the mountain from Arusha Town center.

Meru is the only great isolated stratovolcano in East Africa that is still active. A massive eruption 7,800 years ago shattered Meru’s upper slopes and formed an oblong 8 km/5 mi wide caldera that is open to the east. The main summit is on the caldera’s western edge, perched above a dramatic and still active Ash Cone inside the caldera. Meru is just below the permanent snowline, so there are no glaciers or snowfields on its slopes.

The vegetation changes dramatically as you ascend, starting out in grasslands which turn into montane (mountain) forest. As you go higher the landscape changes to shrubland and and moorland. As you climb Meru you will get stunning views of Kilimanjaro.

Whilst there is no tehnical climbing involved, it is steep and tough going in places and you will need to take it slowly to allow time for your body to acclimatize to the altitude.

The best time to climb Meru is between October and February. But also June to September, while it is colder then. It is best to allow 4 days for climbing Meru, since it involves a large elevation gain, but you can do the trek in 3 or 5 days. There are huts available to climbers on the mountain and firewood is supplied. You need advance permission from the park warden at Momella Gate before you start your ascent. Aside from being a rewarding and picturesque trek in its own right, Meru is also great acclimatization for a Kilimanjaro climb.

Mount Meru climbs

Mount Meru Climb - Tanzania
Mount Meru Climb - Tanzania
Visit Arusha National Park and Ngurdoto Crater and challenge yourself to trek to the summit of Mt. Meru - Tanzania’s second highest mountain and Africa’s fifth highest
4 Days - USD $1,105
Mount Meru Climb and Wildlife Safari in Tanzania
Mount Meru Climb and Wildlife Safari in Tanzania
Hike to the top of Mount Meru, the 2nd highest peak in Tanzania followed by a day day wildlife safari to the 'Big Five' areas of Tanzania.
10 Days - USD $2,785

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