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Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro - Suggested Equipment List

What to bring

When you are on a organised Kilimanjaro climb, your porters will be responsible for carrying your main bag, so keep it as light as possible, as they will also be carrying all your food, water, cooking fuel, tents, sleeping bags etc. You will more than likely not see them along the way and therefore will not have access to your belongings until you reach camp in the evening.

You will need to carry your day pack, so ensure you have all that you may need during the day, but try to keep it as light as possible, as what seems light to start with, after a few hours trekking and when you are feeling quite tired, will seem to be very heavy.

Your day bag should have extra layers of clothing, water bottle, and some headache tablets, toilet paper, wet wipes, sunblock, camera and any essentials you made need throughout the day

Suggested Basic Equipment/ Packing list

  • Top Tip: A sturdy umbrella, for short showers or even prolonged rain (it can also be windy) is as effective as waterproofs and goes up and down quickly without the need for changing. The right style of umbrella can also be used in place of a trekking pole!
  • Large backpack/stuffbag/kitbag for clothes carried by porters
  • Smaller personal backpack/daypack
  • Windproof/waterproof pants
  • windproof/waterproof jacket
  • thick warm hiking socks
  • thick warm gloves/mittens
  • lightweight shower jacket
  • Gaiters (covers top of boots and bottom of pants)
  • Thermal underlayers
  • worn in, comfortable hiking boots
  • trekking poles (can be hired)
  • cold weather sleeping bags (can be hired but have a sleeping bag liner)
  • sleeping mat (if not provided)
  • inflatable pillow
  • safari style hat protecting face and neck from sun
  • Insulated water bottle/"flexi-flask"/Camel Back with drinking tube ( note that water bottles usually freeze on summit attempt)
  • water purification tablets / iodine
  • sun block
  • headlamp and torch (flashlight)
  • dried fruit and energy bars
  • malaria pills
  • headache tablets
  • Wet Wipes
  • toilet paper
  • camera
  • your regular clothes and toiletries
  • Cash (to buy drinks and for tipping etc.) US$ or Tanzanian Shilling
  • Passport & relevant visa papers (which you should always carry with you)

On the camping routes, a tent and maybe a thin sleeping mat is normally provided by the organisation you arrange your climb with and most operators also have a list of equipment that they can hire to you.

You will normally be able store your excess baggage with the hotel/accommodation you are staying at in Arusha or Moshi.

Our recommended Kilimanjaro climbs

Peak of Africa - Kilimanjaro climb - Machame Route
Peak of Africa - Kilimanjaro climb - Machame Route
The Machame Route is one of the most scenic routes on Kilimanjaro that allows you to experience the southwest and south sides of the mountain, since you ascend one way and descend down another route. You can add an extra day for acclimatisation if you prefer.
6 Days - USD $1,661
Kilimanjaro Climb -Marangu Route “Coca Cola Route
Kilimanjaro Climb -Marangu Route “Coca Cola Route"
The “Coca Cola” Route is Kilimanjaro’s easiest, shortest, and most popular route. The trip usually takes 5 days. You can however also add an additional acclimatization day and make it a 6-day trip
5 Days - USD $1,981
Kilimanjaro Climb - Rongai Route
Kilimanjaro Climb - Rongai Route
The Rongai Route is more scenic than the Marangu Route and is one of the least traveled routes. It is easier than the Machame Route and the success rate on the Rongai is very high. The climb starts on the north side of the mountain just south of the Kenyan border
6 Days - USD $1,945
Kilimanjaro Climb - Lemosho Route
Kilimanjaro Climb - Lemosho Route
Experience a Kilimanjaro climb along this unspoiled, remote, little-used, and beautiful way up to the Shira Plateau. Above the plateau, you approach Kilimanjaro’s great western Breach, then follow the south circuit to reach the easier Barafu Route.
8 Days - USD $2,599
Kilimanjaro Climb - Umbwe Route
Kilimanjaro Climb - Umbwe Route
This is a steep, spectacular, and direct route to Kilimanjaro’s summit. The route follows a forested ridge onto moorlands, then traverses below the southern icefields until it joins the Machame Route
6 Days - USD $1,883
Kilimanjaro Climb up the Shira Route
Kilimanjaro Climb up the Shira Route
6 day Kilimanjaro climb up the Shira Route which traverses the large Shira Plateau to join the Machame Route.
6 Days - USD $1,945
Mount Meru and Mt Kilimanjaro Climb Machame Route
Mount Meru and Mt Kilimanjaro Climb Machame Route
Challenge yourself to trek to the summit of Mt. Meru, Tanzania’s second highest mountain and Africa’s fifth highest as a warm up and acclimatization trek for the Mount Kilimanjaro on Machame route.
12 Days - USD $2,455

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