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Nigeria Tourist Offices and Embassies

Below we have provided a listing of Nigeria Tourist Offices and/or embassies located around the world. If you have details of one we have not included or find any information to be incorrect, we would really appreciate your feedback.

These offices will be able to provide you with further tourist information as well as help and advise on applying for visas.

Please Note: Embassies and Consulates do NOT always update us when they change their details. Although we do try to keep our information up to date, we can not verify the details below are correct and up to date.

ALGERIA Embassy of Nigeria 27,
77 Cite des PTT, Djenane, El-Malik,
Hydra, Algiers
ANGOLA Embassy of Nigeria
Rua Houari Boumedienne,
120 Miramar C. C. P. 479 Luanda
AUSTRALIA Nigerian High Commission
7 Terrigal Crescent
O´Malley Act 26 Canberra.
AUSTRIA Embassy of Nigeria
Rennweg 25 A-1030
BELGIUM Embassy of Nigeria
venue de Tervuren 3B, 1040 Brussels
BOTSWANA Nigerian High Commission
Box 274, Gaberone
BRAZIL Embassy of Nigeria
SDS Edificio Venancio II 4th Floor Calixa Postal 11-1190 Brasilia-DF
BURKINA FASO Embassy of Nigeria
36 Rue de L´Hopital Ouagadougou
CAMEROUN - Yaounde Consulate-General of Nigeria,
Bokwango Postal : P.M. B. 30 Buea
CANADA Nigerian High Commission
Place de Ville, Tower A Suite 2000 320
Queen Street Ottawa, Ontario
Embassy of Nigeria B.P. 1010,
CHAD Embassy of Nigeria
35 Avenue Charles de Gaulle B. P. 752
CHINA Embassy of Nigeria
2 Dong Wu Jie San Li Tun
Embassy of Nigeria
11 Avenue Lyautey
B. P. 790 Brazzaville
Embassy of Nigeria
141 Boulevard du 30 Juin
B.P. 1700, Kinshasha
COTE D'IVOIRE Embassy of Nigeria
B.P. 1906, Abidjan
CUBA Embassy of Nigeria
Box 6232, Havana
Embassy of Nigeria
Box 628, 11427 Stockholm, Sweden
EGYPT Embassy of Nigeria
13 Sharia Gabalaya Zamalek,
Cairo, U.A.R.
ETHIOPIA Embassy of Nigeria Box 1019,
Addis Ababa
FRANCE Embassy of Nigeria
173 Avenue Victor Hugo, Paris
GABON Ambassade du Nigeria
Avenue du President Leon Mba Quarier L'Universite
B.P. 1191 Libreville
GHANA Nigerian High Commission
Akasombo Road,
Airport Residential Area Box 1548, Accra
THE GAMBIA Nigerian High Commission
61 Buckle Street, Banjul
GERMANY Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
Neue Jacobstraße 4
10179 BERLIN
GUINEA Embassy of Nigeria
B.P. 54, Conakry
GUINEA BISSAU Embassy of Nigeria
Avenida 14 Novembro No. 6 Bissau
EQUATORIAL GUINEA Embassy of Nigeria
4 Peseo De Los
Cocoteres, Malabo
HONG KONG Nigerian High Commission
47-5 Gloucester Road, Lap Heng House
GPO Box 15670
INDIA Nigerian High Commission
1 Panchashe Marg. Chankyapuri,
New Delhi
INDONESIA Embassy of Nigeria in Jakarta
Jl. Taman Patra XIV/# 11-11A,
Kuningan Timur, 12950 Jakarta
, Indonesia, (PO BOX 3649)
IRAN Embassy of Nigeria
Khaled Islambuli Avenue
31st Street House No. 9 Tehran
IRAQ Embassy of Nigeria
Baghad, Iraq
Embassy of Nigeria
56 Leeson Park,
Dublin 6
ISRAEL Embassy of Nigeria
34 Rehov Gordon Tel-Aviv 63414
ITALY Embassy of Nigeria
Via Orazio 14 00193, Rome
JAMAICA Nigerian High Commission
5 Waterloo Road,
Box 6400, Kingston
JAPAN Embassy of Nigeria
19.7 Vehera 2-Chome Shibya-Ku,
Tokyo T
KENYA Nigerian High Commission
Box 30516, Nairobi
LEBANON Embassy of Nigeria
Said Ammar Building
Cornish Al Mazraa Malat Street, Beirut
LIBERIA Embassy of Nigeria
Box 366, Monrovia
LIBYA Embassy of Nigeria
P.O. Box 4417, Tripoli
Embassy of Nigeria
B.P. 57, Bamako
MAURITANIA Embassy of Nigeria
ILOT P. 9 B. P. 367 Nouakchott
MOZAMBIQUE Embassy of Nigeria
821 Avenida Kenneth Kaunda P.O.Box 4693 Maputo
NETHERLANDS Embassy of Nigeria
Wagenaarweg 5, 2597LL,
The Hague, Netherlands.
NIGER REPUBLIC Embassy of Nigeria
Quartier Niamey Bas
B.P. 617, Niamey
PAKISTAN Embassy of Nigeria
House No. 6 Street
22 Sector F-6/2 Islamabad
POLAND Embassy of Nigeria
UI Chociminska 18
00-791 Warsaw
PORTUGAL Embassy of Nigeria
Rua Fernao Mendes Pinto,
50 1400 (Restelo) Lisbon
ROMANIA Embassy of Nigeria
Strada Orland Nr. 9,
Box 37, Bucharest
RUSSIA Embassy of Nigeria
UL. Kachalovia 13, Moscow
SAUDI ARABIA Embassy of Nigeria
Box 655, Jeddah
SENEGAL Embassy of Nigeria
Rue I X FA - Point E
B.P 3129 Dakar
SIERRA LEONE Nigerian High Commission
21 Charlotte Street, Freetown
SOMALIA Embassy of Nigeria
Box 960, Mogadishu
SPAIN Embassy of Nigeria Terra de Madrid Pits,
C/ Segre 23 E-28002
Madrid (Spain)
SUDAN Embassy of Nigeria
BOX 1538, Khartoum
SWITZERLAND Embassy of Nigeria
Zieglerstrasse 45 CH. 3007 Bern
Permanent Mission of Nigeria for the United Nations
44 Rue de Lausanne
1201 Geneva
TANZANIA Embassy of Nigeria
92 Guinea Road,
Oysterbay Box 1214, Dar-es-Salam
TOGO Embassy of Nigeria
311 Boulevard Greulaire,
B.P. 1189, Lome
Nigerian High Commission
17 Queens Park West
P.M.B. 140, Port of Spain
UGANDA Nigerian High Commission
33 Nakasero Road,
Box 4338, Kampala
UNITED KINGDOM Nigerian High Commission
9 Northumberland Avenue London WC2N 5BX
USA Embassy of Nigeria
1333 16th Street,
NW Washington, DC 20003

Consulate-General of Nigeria
575 Lexington Ave., New York, NY 10022
Permanent Mission of Nigeria to the United Nations
757 Third Avenue,
20th Floor New York 10017
ZAMBIA Nigerian High Commission
Box 2598 or 26011, Lusaka

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