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Morocco Visitor Information

Climate Chart for Morocco
Climate Chart for Morocco

The rugged mountain ranges and the Atlantic Ocean moderate the tropical heat of Morocco; the mean temperature is 16.4° to 23°C (62°F - 73°F) on the west coast and 10° to 27°C (50° - 81°F) in the interior., Temperature variations are small along the Atlantic coast, while the interior is characterised by extreme variations. The eastern slopes of the Atlas Mountains, which divert the moisture-laden Atlantic winds, have a rigorous pre-Saharan climate, while the western slopes are relatively cool and well watered. The rainy seasons are from October to November and from April to May. Maximum annual rainfall (30 to 40 inches) occurs in the northwest.

Nationals from Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and South Africa require visas, most other nationalities do not and are issued with a permit for a 90 stay on arrival. Check with your local representative or tour operator.

We recommend you check the latest visa required with your local Moroccan embassies or representative.

Moroccan Embassies, tourist offices and/or high commissions locations around the world

Official Currency:  Dirham (DH)=100 centimes.
Current Exchange Rate:    Today's Exchange Rate

Credit cards are widely accepted but you may be charged a surcharge. Some banks have automatic teller machines and you can withdraw money using your card. Travellers cheques can be readily exchanged and are best taken in Pounds Sterling.


Domestic flights
Royal Air Maroc, or Royal Air Inter, provide regular, inexpensive domestic flights to all the major towns within the country. Discount are available for students under the age of 31.

Lake Ferry

Coming from the African Continent you can choose to come either to Algeciras or Tarifa. There are every day many ferries coming and leaving to and from Algeciras/Tarifa to Ceuta/Tangier on the African side of the Strait. The fast Ferry takes about 35 min.

For timetables, prices and online booking visit
Ferrys Rápidos del Sur Website
Trasmediterranea (Ferries between Spain and Morocco)

Railways / Train Services

The railway system is mostly concentrated in the north of the country, linking all the main towns. The service is modern, comfortable and fast.


CTM LN is the main bus company and links all the main cities, offering a range of services, delux, 1st class and 2nd class buses. Smaller companies operate regionally. Buses travel throughout the country is inexpensive and generally efficient. In the towns the "Petit taxi" is a popular form of transport, maximum passengers 3. Shared Taxis ("Grands taxis) carry up to six people and cover outer areas, linking towns together. They do not leave till full and make sure you agree a price in advance.


All the main roads in the north and northwest of the country are sealed and in good condition. South of the Atlas mountains and towards the interior conditions deteriorate and crossing the Atlas mountains particularly in winter can be difficult.

Driving is on the right hand side and valid foreign licences are accepted as are International Licences. Insurance and a Green Card are also a requirement. Wearing seat belts is compulsory and the spar limit is 120kph on motorways.

There is a wide selection of hire cars from four wheel drive to small private car. If you are only going for a short holiday and during busy periods it is advisable to book a car in advance of arriving, although you may get a better deal if you have time to shop around check the small print and the car before agreeing to a rental.  

1st January New Year's Day
11th January Independence manifesto
3rd March Throne Day
1st May May Day
23rd May National Day
9th July Youth Day
14th August Allegiance of Wadi-Eddahab
20th August Anniversary of the King's and People's Revolution
6th November Anniversary of the Green March
18th November Independence Day
plus variable Islamic holidays

Electric Power is 220V - 240V running at 50Hz.
The Plug type used Morocco is: "Type C, E & F"

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