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Nairobi National Park


Nairobi National Park was established in 1946 and is only 7kms, approx 20 minutes drive, from the city. It is ideal if you only have a stopover in Nairobi and want to experience some of Africa's wildlife on a one day safari.

Because of it's location, there are many visitors, both tourists and residents but you are guaranteed to see an abundance of game, seemingly unaware and unafraid of humans.

The elephant is the only one of the 'big five' not found here, but leopard, lion, buffalo, rhino, giraffe, hippo, crocodile, antelope, wildebeest, eland, zebra and Thompson's gazelle as well as many other species are here in abundance. There has been over 400 species of birds recorded in the park.

The park's main environment is open grass plain with scattered Acacia bushes. The western uplands of the park have highland dry forest with stands of Olea africana, Croton dichogamus, Brachylaena hutchinsii, and Calodendrum with a permanent river running through. The lower slopes of this area is made up of grassland.

At the western end of the park is an Animal Orphanage, dedicated to young animals who are injured or deserted in the wild. Here they are studied and cared for until they can be returned to the reserve. Other attractions include the Ivory burning site Monument, Nairobi Safari Walk and the walking trails at hippo pools.

There are no accommodation facilities within the park as it is located so close to the city centre.

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