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Aberdare National Park


Aberdare National Park lies in the Central Highlands, Central Province, west of Mount Kenya, approx 150kms north of Nairobi. The park has an altitude of 7,000 to 14,000 ft. and covers an area of 770 km² making it the third largest National Park in Kenya. The park forms part of the Aberdare Mountain Range which line the steep eastern edge of the Rift Valley.

The scenery contains a rich botanic wealth, a mixture of equatorial exuberance and alpine vegetation and is as spectacular and impressive as its range of wildlife. Due to the dense forest vegetation, you will need to do some searching for the wildlife, but there are many purpose built game viewing lodges.

Safaris in Aberdare are perfect if you wish to get away from the crowds, it is certainly worthwhile stopping overnight. Wildlife to be found in the park includes; elephant, lion, black rhino, waterbuck, gazelle, giant forest hog, genet cats, leopard, buffalo and the rare spiral-horned antelope known as the bongo.

The best time to visit is December through to March. 

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