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The Gambia Visitor Information

Climate Chart for The Gambia
Climate Chart for The Gambia

The Gambia has a subtropical climate with distinct cool and hot seasons. From November to mid-May, there is uninterrupted dry weather, with temperature recordings as low as 7°C (45°F) in Banjul and surrounding areas. Hot humid weather predominates the rest of the year, with a rainy season from June to October. The temperature may rise as high as 43.4°C (110°F) during this season but is usually lower near the sea. The annual rainfall averages about 40 inches.

All nationals except those of Britain and Commonwealth countries, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Sweden require visas. Usually issued for 30 days these can be extended free of charge from the Immigration Office in Banjul. Obtain your visa from your nearest Gambian Office or representative. Nationals from neighbouring countries generally do not require a visa. If you are travelling overland through Africa visas can be obtained from neighbouring countries.

The Gambia has recently made provisions for those travelling on last minute bookings, requiring visas. If you are unable to obtain a visa prior to arriving you will be given a 24 hour visa stamps on arrival and you then have to obtain a visa from the Immigration Office in Banjul. Please check this as Immigration Rules and Regulations are subject to change.

Tourist Offices and Embassies for The Gambia located around the world

Official Currency:    100 Bututs=1 dalasi
Current Exchange Rate:    Today's Exchange Rate

Coins comprise 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 bututs and 1 Dalasi. Notes comprise 5, 10, 25 and 50 Dalasi. In some banks travellers cheques are exchanged for a higher rate than cash. At the Standard Chartered Bank in Banjul, UK cheques (up to £50max) will sometimes be cashed provided you have a cheque guarantee card. American Express Credit Card is accept in most hotels but it is advisable to arrange this at the start of your stay.


Gambia International Airlines
Services between Banjul, Dakar (Senegal), Freetown (Siera Leone), and Conakry (Guinea)


The River Gambia is an interesting and dominant feature of the country and is the major method of transportation. It is possible to take a river three day trip from Banjul to Basse and return by coach. There are many tourist companies offering excursions along the river.


The bus service is well organised and serves most parts of the country.


Driving is on the right hand side. and an International Driving Licence is required. UK Driving Licences are acceptable for short visits. There is a very limited number of self-drive vehicles for hire. Road conditions can be poor especially during the rains.

1st January - New Years Day
18th February - Independence Day
1st May
15th August - Queen's Birthday
15th September - St. Mary's Day
December 25th - Christmas Day
Moveable Holidays: Easter and Muslim Holidays

Electric Power is 220V - 240V running at 50Hz.
The Plug type used in The Gambia is: "Type G"

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