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Central African Republic Visitor Information

Climate Chart for Central Africa Republic
Climate Chart for Central Africa Republic

The climate is tropical, with abundant rainfall of about 70 inches annually in the South, decreasing to about 31.5 inches in the extreme north. There is one rainy season from April to November and one long, hot, dry season. Floods are common and temperatures range from 21°C to 32°C (70°F to 90°F).

Visas are required by all except national of France, Germany, Israel and Switzerland. CAR visas are issued in neighbouring countries generally within 24 hours but are expensive. Where there is no CAR embassy the French embassy will often issue visas.

Visa extensions can be obtained from the immigration office in Bangui, and you require 3 photos and the fee which has to be presented in tax stamps (timbres fiscaux) obtained from LA Domaine.

Official Currency:    1 CFA (Central African Franc)=100 centimes
Current Exchange Rate:    Today's Exchange Rate

The only banks that change money are located in Bangui and Berbérati. Some of the major credit cards are accepted but it's best to check with your credit card company prior to travelling. There are no restrictions on import or export of local currency.


You can catch a river ferry from Bangui to several of the town located further up the Ubangi. This is also an interesting way to travel into the country from Brazzaville in the Congo.


Cheap, but overcrowded, local bus services are available connecting the main towns. A popular way to get around is by hitching a ride with the many trucks running between towns but you are expected to pay for this service.


Driving is on the right hand side and an International Driving Licence is required. Road conditions are generally poor throughout the country particularly in the raining season. The only sealed roads connect Bangui to M'Baïki, Bossembélé and Sibut.

Limited car hire is available from local companies as is chauffeur driven cars.

1st January - New Years' Day
29th March - Boganda's Remembrance Day
Easter Monday
1st - May
30th June - National Prayer Day
13th August -Independence
15th August
1st November
1st December - National Day
25th December  - Christmas Day

Electric Power is 230V - 240V running at 50Hz.
The Plug type used is: "Type C, E & F"

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