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Cameroon Visitor Information

Climate Chart for Cameroon
Climate Chart for Cameroon

The country has two distinct climatic areas. On the coast, the average annual rainfall is 152.5 inches; precipitation often measures more than 33 feet a year. The mean temperature ranges from 24.4°C to 27°C (76°-81°F). In the south there are two dry seasons, December to February and July to September. The northern part of the country has a more comfortable climate. Total rainfall is about 31.2 inches, and the mean temperature ranges from 23°C to 26°C (73°F - 79°F). The dry season in the north is from October to April. The mountain ranges in the west have a heavier rainfall and cooler temperatures.

Visas are required by all except nationals of Germany and are NOT available at any land borders, although you can obtain them relatively easily in all the neighbouring countries but will often require you to show you have an onward ticket.
You may have to provide evidence that you have sufficient funds to support your length of stay in the country.

Visa extensions can be obtained in any of the regional capitals with any great problems or cost.

List of Embassies and Tourist Offices located around the world

Official Currency:    1 CFACentral African Franc=100 centimes
Current Exchange Rate:    Today's Exchange Rate

Travellers cheques are best taken in Sterling and US Dollar cheques. Most of the major hotels and some restaurants accept credit cards.


Domestic Flights
There are regular daily services between Douala and Yaoundé and other flights are offered to smaller towns.

Railways / Train Services

Daily trains run from Douala to Yaoundé and onward to Ngaoundéré. The service tends to be slow but it is cheap.

The Cameroonian railways
Camrail : granted a 20 year concession to operate the Cameroon National railway


Fairly good services are available between Yaoundé and Ngaoundéré. Other areas are covered but the service tends to be unreliable and non existent in the raining season.


Traffic drives on the right hand side and an International Driving Licence is recommended. There roads linking the main cities are paved and in good condition, lesser routes are often impassable during the raining season.

Car hire is available in the main towns, but it is costly.

1st January - New Years Day
11th February - Youth Day
Moveable Good Friday & Easter Monday
Muslim Holidays - Tabaski and Ramadan
1st May Labour Day
5th July Independence Day
15th August - Assumption Day
20th May - National Day
1st October - Unification Day.
1st November - All Saints Day
25th December - Christmas Day

Electric Power is 220V - 240V running at 50Hz.
The Plug type used is: "Type C, E & F"

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