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interested to find partners in tourism business.

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Am ugandan male with special interest in nature conservation and tourism particular. i nterested to find partners in tourism business.I currentlt run a tourism busines but on low scale but my dad has forest with chimps!
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I'm from BURUNDI, but I'm currently based in Kampala,Uganda, and I'm highly interested in bringing my input in your business.

In fact, I'm a male, educated with a Ph D in Economics, speaking fluently English, French, Kirundi and Kinyarwanda . I also write and speak Chinese language with an advanced level.

I'm an experienced marketer and business manager with solid educational background.

Should you need more details, please get in touch with me by e-mail at :

Best Regards,

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Hello baguma

I am currently planning a mobile safari business for Namibia or Botswana but am having trouble registering the business. I could be interested in an alternative. I am building a llarge 4 x 4 vehicle which will accommodate 4 guests living on board, as oposed to tents. It is fully serviced: air-con, bathroom etc and could be used virtually anywhere. I could also have capital but limited at this time. I am British, living in the UK but wish to re-locate.

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Hello Philip?

Thanks your your response.Well the tourist industry is steadily growing day by day and we have the majority of our tourists coming from european countries, especially winter time!

I started a small ecotourism camp along a road leading to one of the main wild national park called murchision falls ,we have a forest in my father's farm but i have had to tourist come along on there way to and fro the park.

Am current employed in the banking industry but my heart is in nature ,tourism and hospitality industry.

Uganda as a tourist destination is really promising as government has in the new budget created a whole ministry with sizable buget allocation to over see this sector.

I would recommend if its in your interest to consider uganda as one place for possibilty relocation.


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if anybody interested mail me.
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