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Second marriage in Morocco

Posted by mustufa 
Second marriage in Morocco
August 07, 2005 08:15PM

I need some help, about second marriage,
I am an Indian Muslim man, living and working in east europe,i intentd to marry Moroccon girl and stay with her in Morocco, we have affair to each other,(She is single) if any body know about rules for second marriage in morocco, what procedure i need to marry with her and stay in Morocco.
Please give me advice
Second Marriage in Morocco
September 02, 2005 12:45PM
Hi! Ok from my experience I suggest you take lots of time off from work like 30 days. It will be very expensive and you must have lots of patients if you marry in Morocco to her. Lot of paper work has to be translated into arabic. Pray to God you don't deal with Kenitra courts system because they have something against foreigners. 2 pieces of real critical piece of document you must take with you is a proof of residence. If you have a home take the papers or if you rent a letter from your landlord and divorce papers. If you need further info on what documents needed just let me know. i am canadian, catholic woman , married to muslim man in Morocco. Married last month. But I don't think I ever want to live in Morocco.
i need some help
September 25, 2005 08:54PM
hello ,how are you doing? hope that everything is allright,
i wanted to ask you some question if you could help me, i'm a moroccan man willing to get married with my american fiancé here in morocco next january, and she can only take 2 weeks off from her work, and i don't thin kso they are enough to get married, i just want to ask you about the process and how long it takes to translate all documents into arabic.
i will get married in agadir
hope to hear from you soon
take care bye
regard SAÏD
Message from morocco
October 25, 2005 09:10PM
Mustafa check with moroccan authority (ambassy) in the EU. For Said get your paper done and your process before she gets here. Good Luck
For princes4aday2003 why don t you move to casablanca, Fez , rabat...
Muslim Convert with Catholic Marriage wants to marry Muslim man
November 28, 2005 05:37AM
I converted to Islam 5 months ago, since I learned about the True Religion from a Muslim Friend who I now want to Marry. I have done the Shahada and I profess faith in Allah and believe in his Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

My problem is that I have a previous marriage solemnized by a Catholic Priest as well as under my country's Civil Law; but I have been abandoned by my exhusband for 17 years now. I raised all my children alone.

As a Muslim, may I contract an Islamic marriage in Africa/Morocco even though my fiance is living there while I am here in Asia? May I then immigrate to Morocco based on this Islam marriage alone? Will my marriage be valid under Islam Law in Morcco? May I then lay claim to be married to my Muslim husband in legal documents?

I know Islam governs Muslim way of life so will that mean that since I am now a Muslim I may disregard my country of origin's laws insofar as the Sharia is concerned?

Please someone knowledgeable help me. My deliverance after a long period of suffering is dependent upon my marriage to a devout, honorable Muslim. Thank you.
Anonymous User
2nd Marriage in Morocco
December 10, 2005 08:23PM
I have a question about Morccan men obtaining visa's once they are married. How long does it take to get the exit visa for him?
Marriage of a Foreigner with Morrocco Girl
January 14, 2006 11:19PM
Dear friends, please help me by advising, how a man having citizenship of other country can marry a girl of morrocco?I am an indian and she is a sweet morrocco girl , we both are in deep love and intend to marry soon.
two countries
June 29, 2006 07:55AM
Hey there, I understand the dilemma that you are in, but where there is love, there is solutions too. It doesnt matter that she lives in another country, what matters is that both of you are in love, and you want the relationship to progress. Check out this link, am sure it will help you: It is basically on love and religion and there are the answers you need.
canadian woman looking for advice
August 28, 2006 08:05PM
Hello, I was so happy to read your message. I am a canadian woman and I am going to marry a man who lives in morocco. I have a list of papers that are necessary to bring with me but they are in french. I do know quiet a it of french but with all the legal and official terminalogy i am a little confused and I want to be sure I don't make any mistakes. I can only afford to make this trip once and i need to get it right.

Please send me an email as I have sooo many questions I'd love to ask you.

Thank you
marraige laws
October 01, 2006 06:58PM
can someone clarify a matter for me. I am a british Muslim engaged to marry a Moroccan girl. I am in th eprocess of going thru a divorce from my previous wife. What I would like to know is whether Islamic 'Talaq' would be an acceptable document to use as proof of divorce. I would also like to know is it possible to have an islamic 'Nikah' without divorce documents? Info would be greatly appreciated. Plz use the 'send me an email link'. thx
morocco marriage law
December 16, 2007 03:20AM
Hi, i will be marry to a moroccan man soon, could someone tell me what is the morocco marriage law?
i am a malaysian chinese, right now, i am still struggling whether i need to convert or not. Beside i wanna know whether my children can stay in malaysia with me if i am a non - muslim.
thank you.
Re: morocco marriage law
December 18, 2007 11:59PM
The law that governs marriage and other personal relations, in Morocco, is called Moudawana.

Here's an english translation:

Also this site has (at least had in the past) some useful information about Morocco. Select your language icon from the top:

Good luck.

November 21, 2008 02:46PM
>Dear friends, please help me by advising,
>how a man having citizenship of
>other country can marry a girl
>of morrocco?I am an indian and
>she is a sweet morrocco girl
>, we both are in deep
>love and intend to marry soon.

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