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Victoria Valls

Victoria Valls
July 14, 2000 10:48AM
Anonymous User
I need more information about the Valls.
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Victoria Falls
July 15, 2000 10:31AM
By smurf
Registered: 9 years ago
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You don't day what sort of information you are looking

Try this website for a start
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Vic Falls
December 06, 2000 04:32AM
Anonymous User
hope it is not too late to give info about the falls.
I have been in Zimbabwe in may 2000, the place is great, the people there is all right, so don't be threatened for what you read. Vic falls is almost the last place in Zimbabwe where the chrisis is not so visible.
I have heard witnesses about the white condition there, it is not good at all.
Anyway I have enjoyed my stay, in may the power of the falls is maximum...
ciao Filippo
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