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Geological Survey

Geological Survey
July 15, 2000 04:08AM
Anonymous User
Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a geologist who is interested in certain geological books of namibia. I have heard that it is possible to obtain such books from the Geological Survey department and I would very much appreciate it if you could supply me with an e-mail address or phone or fax number for this society.

Please could you treat this matter as urgent
Kind Regards
Paolo Sciacca
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Book - Namibia
March 05, 2001 05:16PM
Anonymous User
Good evening Mr. Sciacca,
Please find hereunder a bookstore fax and email
in Windhoek :
fax 061- 23 61 64

A tourist information in Walvis Bay :
fax 264 64 - 20 4528

a web address :

I hope these informations will help you
Best regards

Paola Cohen
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