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travelling in namibia

travelling in namibia
May 25, 2003 10:37AM
Anonymous User
Can somebody answer the following questions for me:
Is there enough fuel available in namibie?
Are there further important things to know for us when we are travelling with a car across namibie.
Safety rules, important attractions, and/or further tips? thank you for any reply in advance.
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May 26, 2003 05:08PM
Anonymous User
Namibia is a well organised country. There is plenty of fuel in Namibian towns, off the beaten track is another thing just like anywhere in Africa. Main roads are mostly hard top and well signposted, gravel roads are usually well graded. Driving in Namibia is easy and enjoyable.

Etosha NP and Swakopmund are both well worth a visit.

I had a great time there.

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namibia sights
August 03, 2004 11:49AM
Anonymous User
There is no fuel problems in Namibia and as far as sightseeing goes there is more than just Etosha NP and Swakopmund,( Soussasvlei, seal colony, flamingoes in Walvis bay, quad biking, fish river canyon and also ais ais hot water springs ) are just a few more adventures to the list. Enjoy Namibia as it is not just sand as most people think , oh and do take warm clothes for nightime as it gets very cold in the winter months.
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"Namibia sights"
February 09, 2005 01:38PM
Anonymous User
There are plenty of Camels in the Kalahari!
A camel safari can be fun and you save a lot on
Many years ago I went on a camel safari and visited Fort Namutoni.Fort Namutoni was featured in the Second Hottentot War of (I think 1906) when Namibia was still a German colony.
One,Oberleutnant Jochman held out singly against the mass of warrior Hottentots beseiging the fort
and was later commended for his bravery.
I also saw the rock painting "The White Lady of the Brandberg".The origins of this painting are somewhat obscure but the Abbe Bruille an expert on such paintings wondered if it might have a link to the Queen of Sheba!
Most Bushman paintings were done in black colouring but the "White Lady" was in white-quite a rare find.
I would add that our safari spent the night in the vicinity of the "White Lady's" cave-but sadly she didn't talk in her sleep so we did not find out her secret!
Another tip, make sure you take plenty of fresh water on your safari.
I was caught out in the region of the Brandberg for a short time and had to drink the brackish
water from the area-no thirst quencher it was!!
Have a great safari.
Namibia is rich with semi-precious stones-pick up some nice bling!!
Also enjoy a lager beer.The Breweries were founded by master brewers from Germany and the beer is of good quality.
Cheers! Madam Primrose Marfona. A.R.S.T.
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travel in Namibia
March 01, 2005 10:14AM
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In response to your request - there is no problem with fuel in Namibia and despite the fact that 95% of roads are murrun (dirt) roads, they are excellent and well graded.
You need to bear in mind that you will travel vast distances and a 4-wheel drive is recommended. Some knowledge of a vehicle is required in case of a break down - you could go all day and see only a couple of vehicles - and good supplies of water and food should be carried just in case.
The roads are very dusty and vehicles can throw up stones etc (we suffered a very badly damaged windscreen due to some moron driving like a crazy man along such roads).
Generally though the roads are as good as any in Europe
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