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Camping sites in Caprivi

Caprivi Convoy
March 23, 2002 09:27PM
Anonymous User

The convoy is leaving twice a day, I think 9°° and 15°° at each side, that is Divundu and Congola respectively. The convoy is traveling at between 80 and 100 km/h and takes about 2,5 to 3 h for the 200 (250?) km. The highway is good tarmac. I am not quit sure if you are allowed to travel on your own risk, but I would do it.
Greetings, Hugo
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March 24, 2002 10:01AM
Anonymous User
I went via Kongola and through the caprivi strip to Divundu in November 2001, there are 3 stops along the way for a few minutes each and slower vehicles were sent on ahead with their own patrol vehicles so we would catch `em up.

Yep the road is good tarmac and their is a campsite about 5 - 10Km before Kongola but no more before the strip. Just after the strip the best place to camp is a place near Divundu at the Ngepi lodge, highly recommended..

Phil J
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June 09, 2002 05:00AM
Anonymous User
Hallo everybody!
My name is Jörg and I`m a tourguide in Namibia.
I just wanted to tell you there is no more convoy in the western caprivi. The only restriction is you have to travell between 6.00h-18.00h
Good luck, and enjoy the Caprivi,but don´t leave the tarroad in western-caprivi
Regards Jörg
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Camping sites in Caprivi
January 10, 2004 07:54PM
Anonymous User
Are there many camping sites and what condition are they in and what facilities do they have - we plan to visit during March / April. We plan to travel from Zambia through Caprivi Strip to Poppa Falls with 2 or 3 4x4's. Thx
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Caprivi Strip
August 16, 2001 11:38AM
Anonymous User
Can anyone help with travelling across Caprivi Strip. I understand it is done in convoy with an escort but where does it start and where does it end? Is there a starting point in Zambia?

What are the road conditions like?

How fast does it travel? As we are not in a very fast vehicle

We intend to do this trip in October
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Speed is an issue
August 16, 2001 08:22PM
Anonymous User
You definately need to find out about the speed issue as I know someone who could not go that way because of their slow vehicle, not sure how fast you need to go though.
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