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Christmas & New Year

Christmas & New Year
March 10, 2004 06:53PM
Anonymous User
Hello everyone,
We're coming to Mauritius for Christmas & New Year. I'm looking for some ideas for some exciting things to do on Christmas Day and New Years Eve in particular. (we have 2 kids 11 & 9)
Any suggestions???
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March 11, 2004 06:52AM
Anonymous User
Hello Trish,

Normally what is there in mauritius in christmass is most mauritians go out to buy some toys and have the normal dinner at home .

Some people do extraordinary barbecues also trish.
For new years eve also. its the same trend.

You know lately Mauritians tend to go to hotels for the new years eve. As there is the cabaret .. and fireworks.

Its like a trend here. So this is what i can add from my part .

Nice Holiday,
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