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Beautiful Mauritius - I want to live there ....

Beautiful Mauritius - I want to live there ....
December 06, 2006 05:26AM
Anonymous User
My husband and I both work in the IT industry in South Africa.
We are primarily .Net Programmers and we both have 2 years computer
programming training experience aswell.
We also both have Hospitality experience/background.

We are interested in relocating to Mauritius and I've been doing a fair amount
of research on the internet. I've read about the "Scheme to Attract Professionals for Emerging Sectors"
and as far as I can tell, we, in our line of work should qualify for this Scheme.

I've been searching the internet for vacancies, but haven't been able to find anything.

If anyone has information on possible recruiting companies or businesses that we could
forward our CV's to, it would be greatly appreciated
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