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Mali is a landlocked country situated in West Africa. It has land borders with Algeria in the north and northwest, Niger in the east and south, Burkina Fasso and Ivory Coast in the south, Guinea to the southwest, Senegal to the west and Mauritania to the west and northwest.

Two massifs dominate Mali, which is served by two rivers - the Niger and Senegal and their tributaries. The republic is divided into three natural zones; the Sudanese, an area of cultivation covering some 200,000 sq. km (77,220 sq. mi) in the south and in the Niger delta; the Sahelian and the Saharan. In the southwest are the mountains of the Futa Jallon, which rise 600-700 meters (1,970-2,300 ft) and are deeply notched by valleys. The second massif, in the circle formed by the Niger River, is virtually a plateau and rests on the sandstone base.

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