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10 Top Tips for traveling to Africa

Africa might not have a very great reputation when it comes to travelling, and a lot of travellers have wanted to visit it for the many amazing opportunities it has to offer. Though with a little bit of hesitation and the negative image of Africa, it might be a little difficult to figure out where and how to go. But worry not, for there are ways how you can feel completely at ease while enjoying the beautiful Africa as a traveller.

Traveling to Africa doesn't have to be hard - here are some of the most useful tips that will help take you on one of your best adventures ever

1. Pick the Country or Countries You Want to Visit
It is important to find destinations where you would feel as safe as you can, because that goes a long way to ensure you enjoy your trip and visit great locations. Quite a few African countries are engaged till date in conflicts, which might discourage one from visiting them, but the popular and fairly harmless countries are Benin, Ghana, Egypt, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Namibia, Seychelles, Tanzania, South Africa, Uganda, Botswana, Mali, Morocco, Madagascar, Rwanda, Tunisia, and Angola among a few others.
2. Allow Yourself At Least Two and a Half Weeks
Africa’s countries have a lot to offer, and exploring each part would be quite the challenge, so dividing your time properly between visiting multiple countries would be a good choice. This helps in order to give yourself the time to relax during the journeys from one country to another, and also prepare an itinerary for the upcoming destination you’ve planned to visit. It also makes things easier for you to explore a certain country with as much enjoyment as possible.
3. Find A Local
This is not just limited to Africa, but almost anywhere new you decide to travel. Finding a local or making a friend in any of the countries of Africa would make it a lot easier to see the great spots that you might otherwise miss. Locals can explain how it works in their respective countries so you, as a traveller, can get familiar with the process and not get caught up in anything that you’d want to avoid. Having an African friend travel around if possible makes the experience a lot more indulgent.
4. Carry Medicines and Disinfectants
It’s intimidating getting the numerous vaccinations that doctors recommend before travelling to Africa. Though it’s not mandatory to get all of them, it would help to get the most recommended ones, like Rabies, meningitis, typhoid, and hepatitis A to make sure nothing drastic happens. Mosquitoes and other insects are fairly common in a lot of rural areas of Africa, and also some urban ones, so it is advisable to carry mosquito repellents, insect spray, and disinfectants along with some common diarrhoea, fever, cold and cough, and other medicines of the kind.
5. Be Prepared For A Few Rough Nights
If you’re looking for a luxurious experience, a lot of the developed urban areas of African countries will gladly provide you that, where you wouldn’t have to worry about any imminent issues. However, when visiting the rural and underexplored areas, including activities like camping, hiking and trekking, be prepared for some uncomfortable nights. They’re a challenge, but in no way, do they reduce the adventure. Carry some healthy food along to keep you from eating anything in the villages that your system might not agree with.
6. Wear African Clothes
When in Africa, dress like the Africans. It’s the best way to ensure that you adapt to the climate conditions in the countries easily. Also, native African clothes are quite amazing to look at, and when you come back home with some comfy clothes from your trip to Africa, people will compliment you left and right. Fabrics from Africa are widely appreciated, so you won’t ever regret that decision.
7. Handle Money Responsibly
Now, this is another challenge when visiting villages and small towns in Africa. Money can be a difficult thing to keep safe when travelling, but if you learn to manage it well, there won’t be many problems. Carrying all of your money at once wouldn’t be a smart choice, instead, spread it out and keep small stashes in different places: suitcase, backpack, pocket etc. so just in case a calamity occurs, you don’t lose it all and have a backup.
8. Buy A Cheap Mobile Phone
When travelling to different countries in Africa, buying a local phone and simcard will help so that in case you get robbed, you at least have a phone to get help. Aside from security reasons, this also helps in spending limited amount of money while travelling.
9. Carry Some Protein Bars With You
You can’t get your choice of food everywhere in Africa. There are parts where it might be difficult, so carrying a few protein bars will make it easier to travel long distances and fill your stomach until you find a restaurant for a proper meal.
10. Visas Aren’t That Much of a Hassle
Multiple visas might deter you, but don’t let them, because it’s not all that difficult a matter. A Visa Touristique Entente (VTE) works in most West African countries, which is valid for a total of two months usually and helps in a hassle-free travel time across the countries of your choice.

With Africa’s endless destinations that travellers can visit for fun, there is also the baggage of a few cons, but that shouldn’t deter you from visiting such an exotic location that will make for some gorgeous photographs and lifetime memories.

You’ll learn that it’s not that hard to travel Africa after all.

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