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Botswana National Parks Map

National Parks & Game Reserves

Chobe National Park
Mokolodi Nature Reserve
Moremi Game Reserve
Okavango Delta & Moremi Game Reserve
Central Kalahari Game Reserve
Kgalagadi National Park

In many of Botswana's parks you will need to consider having a 4 Wheel drive vehicle particularly during the rainy season (between November and March) with some roads being impassable even with 4 wheel drive. Some roads and rough and very sandy all year round.

Chobe National Park

Location: Lying in the north of the country, the Chobe river borders with Namibia

Best time to visit: Wildlife viewing and bird watching is good all year round. October/November is considered the best time for wildlife viewing is generally considered to be the dry season when the concentration of animals along the riverfront increases daily. The animals congregate along the River to make use of the life-giving waters in a barren wilderness. October is the hottest month and the peak raining season is during January and February

Size: approx 11,000 km² (Botswana's second largest park)

Sights: The park has the most varied wildlife of all of Botswana's parks with one of the highest populations of Elephant to be found here. The wide Chobe River is the lifeblood of the area and feeds adjacent flood plains much

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Moremi Game Reserve

Location: eastern corner of the Okavango Delta in the north west of Botswana

Best time to visit: July-October

Size: approx 4,870 km²

Sights: Described as one of the most beautiful wildlife reserves in Africa. It combines mopane woodland and acacia forests, floodplains and lagoons. It is the great diversity of plant and animal life that makes Moremi so well known. It is one of the few places where you may be lucky to see a Red Lechwe antelope, but there are also many other animals such as elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, lions, leopards, cheetahs, wild dogs, hyenas and rhinos. The Moremi Game Reserve is also renowned for its birdlife

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Mokolodi Nature Reserve

For those who want to get close to African wildlife without going on safari, this park is ideal. It's conveniently close to Gaborone but, once you enter the park, you really are in the bush. Whether you stay for a day or a week, Mokolodi offers a magical experience.

Activities include rhino tracking (yes, you can get really close on foot), giraffe tracking, walking with the elephants, game drives, and horse trekking. For many visitors, though, the highlight is the cheetah experience. Once you've been licked by a cheetah the memory will stay with you for ever.

The Mokolodi Wildlife Foundation is a charity dedicated to conservation and education projects. All revenues from visitor activities are used to fund these projects.

Okavango Delta

Location: situated in the north-west of the country

Best time to visit: Game viewing is good all year round, but the best months are May top November

Size: 16000 sq. kms km²

Sights: It is home to an abundance of wildlife including crocodile, hippo, water bucks and various fish species which can be seen from safari vans and boats. The delta waters meet the sands of the Kalahari desert making the whole area very beautiful and scenic which is why it is referred to as the 'Jewel of the Kalahari'.

Maun is the main town of of the region and situated on the southern edge of the Delta. It is Botswana's main tourist capital. having one of the busiest centres in the country as flights from Gaborone, Victoria Falls, South Africa and Namibia fly there daily.

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Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Location: in the centre of the country

Best time to visit: November to March - when it may rain. May to October is hot, dry and dusty in the Kalahari with little water and limited animals

Size: approx 52,000 km²

Sights: home to a wide variety of antelopes including eland, gemsbok, kudu, red hartebeest and springbok and also has a number of wildebeest, giraffe, lion, cheetah, leopard, wild dog and brown hyena. The majority of the park is flat, vast open plains. Deception Pan is the parks most popular spot because it attracts large numbers of game after the rains from February to April.

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Kgalagadi Transfrontier National Park

Through a cooperation between the Botswana and South African Governments, the Kgalagadi National Park is the first official Transfrontier and it managed jointly by both countries. The Botswana section covers an area of about 28, 105 with plenty of wild animals, including wildebeest, eland, hartebeest, gemsbok and springbok. Super predators like lion, leopard, cheetah and hyena can also be viewed. Camping areas on Botswana side include the Rooiputs camping grounds, some 25km up the Nossob River Valley from the entrance gate. Poletswa grounds lie in the northern section of the Nossob Valley.

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