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Northern Algeria lies within the temperate zone. Its climate is similar to that of other Mediterranean countries, although the diversity of the relief provide sharp contrast in temperature. The coast region has a pleasant climate, with winter temperatures from 10°c to 12°c (50° - 54°F) and summer temperatures from 24°C to 26°C (75°F-79°F). Rainfall in this region is abundant - 15 to 27 inches per year except for the area around Oran, where mountains form a barrier against rain-carrying winds. When heavy rains fall (often more than an inch and a half within 24 hours), they flood large areas and then evaporate so quickly that they are of little help in cultivation.

Further inland the climate changes, winters average 4°-6°C (39°-43°F, with considerable frost, and occasional snow on the massifs; summers average 26°-28°C (79°-82°F). In this region, prevailing winds are westerly and northerly in winter and easterly and northeasterly in summer, resulting in an increase in precipitation from September to December, and a decrease from January to August, with little or no rainfall in the summer months.

In the Sahara, temperatures range from 20°c to 34°C (14°-93°F), with extreme highs reaching 49°C (120°F). There are daily variations of more than 44°C (80°F). Winds are frequent and violent. Rainfall is irregular and unevenly distributed.

Climate Chart for Algiers
Algiers Climate Chart

For today's weather forecast see     CNN - Africa Weather Forecasts

Latest Travel advice

Foreign & Commonwealth Office (London)
US State Department - Travel Warnings

Visas & Immigration

Visa requirements for Algeria change regularly, so it's best to check with your home country's Algerian Embassy or Consulate.

Throughout the world single entry visa for one months may take 2-3 days to obtain from Algerian Embassies.

Visa extensions within the country can be from Department des Entrangers, Blvd. Youssef 19A, Algiers.

Listing of AlgerianTourist offices and/or embassies location around the world


The custom limits per person are:-
up to 200 cigarettes
50 cigars or 400 grams of tobacco
one bottle of spirits
2 bottles of wine

Currency declarations forms are issued on arrival and all valuable personal items such as electrical goods, jewellery, cameras, video cameras etc. should be declared, as well as all forms of cash and traveller's cheques brought with you into the country. They must be kept in good order showing the exchange transactions you make. during your stay. If, when you leave the country, your form is irregular you may be fined heavily or have your valuables confiscated.


Official Currency: 1 Algerian dinar (AD)=100 centimes
Current Exchange Rate: Today's Exchange Rate

The only bank to change traveller cheques is the Banque Nationale d'Algérie, it is also possible to change them at some hotels. Credit cards are rarely accepted.

US Dollars and to a lesser extent, Pounds Sterling are readily accepted.

Banks are open 0900hrs to 1500hrs Mon to Thurs. Some banks close for lunch. During Ramadan hours are shorter.

Local Time

Algeria is one hour ahead of GMT.

Transport & Getting Around

Train: You can travel by train between Oran, Algiers, Constantine and Anaba. Trains also run south to Bécher and from Constantine to Touggourt.
Bus: There are long distance buses which on the whole are comfortable, fairly reliable and fast but are fairly expensive. You may have to book a few days in advance if you want to get to Tamanrasset.
Hitching: It is not safe at the present time to hitch. But when the situation improves and Algeria once again become a safe place for travellers, it will be possible if you plan on travelling further south into Niger, to hitch a ride with another overlander in Tamanrasset provided you're prepared to wait around a few days.
Road: Driving is carried out on the right hand side. An International Driving Licence is required and if you are travelling in your own vehicle A carnet de passage is usually required. Most the roads are in relatively good condition. If travelling through the Sahara, be sure to have sufficient fuel and water to see you through.
Many hotels can arrange car hire as well as ONAT, a state run travel agency.

Algeria Maps & Atlases for Sale

Public Holidays

1st January New Years Day
1 May Labour Day
19 June Commemoration Day
5 July Independence Day
1 November Anniversary of the Revolution
and other moveable Islamic Holidays

Electrical Power

Electric Power is 230V running at 50Hz. The Plug types used are :
Round pin attachment plug - view
"Schuko" plug and receptacle with side grounding contacts - view


If you need medical care whilst in Algeria, it is best to be aware that medical providers may not accept payment through your insurance company. In these circumstances you will have to pay in full after your treatment and file a claim with your insurance company for reimbursement. Therefore you should have access to cash, either from a credit card or by wire transfer. If you need assistance contact the country's local embassy or representative.

To be compensated you must be treated by licensed medical personnel and provide your insurance company with proper documentation and receipts.

It is advisable to always ensure you have a comprehensive travel insurance policy which covers you for repatriation to your home country.

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