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Reviews: 6 day Fun Safari in Tanzania's Northern Parks

6 day Fun Safari in Tanzania's Northern Parks

See the BIG 5 on this Private Safari in Tanzania, choice of Lodge or camping. Ideal for families. Visiting Tanzania's Northern circuit national parks. Departing any day min 2 persons

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Client: Harri Ropponen - from Canada
Trip: Nature Safari 3 Days, 2 Nights Safari in Tanzania
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: I had a memorable safari.

The personnel were wonderful people to deal with, from booking, to the guide. Neema was a delight to work with as I made my reservations. She was patient and prompt with answers to any questions I had.

Huruma, my guide was very knowledgable and pleasant. He took the time to inform me on vegetation, birds, animals and history of the Sengetti and Ngorongoro. The food was good.... Ben (our cook) did a great job.

All went smoothly, from being picked up at the airport to the resrvations at the hotel (which they made for me). Everything was taken care of... Huruma made sure I was settled in at the hotel before he left for the evening.

I would recommend this operator for others to use as a tour operator.
Client: Drucilla Jane - from United States
Trip: currently unavailable
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: I went solo, a 50 something white woman, and me and _______ (I forget his name), rode around for 5 hours. It was a unbelievable experience.

He was a wonderful guide, I called him the "Mayor" because everybody knew him! He was so popular everywhere we went that I felt completely comfortable, safe, and like an invited family friend.

He showed me 3 or 4 neighborhoods, I met coffee makers, chapati breakfast cooks (had breakfast there with a Masaai family who stopped by!), a traditional herbalist (where I learned the treatment for meconium aspiration, I'm a perinatal pathologist!), herbal pharmacist (where I saw that fenugreek seed is used to facilitate delivery with prolonged labor), local market, fabric seller, and had a delicious lunch at an outside Swahili restaurant. I played with kids, talked with everyone, and really got a great sense of the community.

My guide also is very active in local projects and inspired me to help with a bridge rebuilding project he is spear heading. The bicycle riding was easy and really the only way to get around in these neighborhoods. It was by far the best experience I had in Dar, and one of the best I have had in my many travels in East Africa!
Client: Logan Sand - from United States
Trip: currently unavailable
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: Our safari was perfect, and 10 out of 10!

We could not have asked for abetter way to end our incredible adventures in Tanzania. We saw everything and did everything we could have ever imagined. From the big game watching in the Serengeti, Ngorongoro, and Lake Manyara, to ascending the highly active volcano next to Lake Natron, it was all so unbelievably incredible. A total dream come true!

Our guide Huruma had he most expansive breadth of knowledge of the natural environment, he was a pleasure to talk to. He was also extremely flexible with us as lans often changed for various reasons, but ALWAYS for the better. Huruma made us feel safe and comfortable the whole time. Alex our cook as wonderful as well making sure we had the best quality meals possiblemade from the freshest ingredients.

Choosing a safari operator is tough, but I will just say that I will always recommend these guys. They are very professional and will do everything to make sure you have the best trip possible. Thanks again for our lifetime memories. We will be back, so you will hear from us again.

Thanks Elfasi for all your time, flexibility and support in orchestrating this dream trip.
Client: Breen Schipke - from Australia
Trip: Kilimanjaro Climb - Rongai Route
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: I would without hesitation recommend this operatorfor any Kilimanjaro Climb attempt and most certainly would suggest that you ask for Florence and his team.

I am reasonably confident that should you be looking for other adventures in northern Tanzania that you give them a try
Client: Frank Schokker - from Netherland Antilles
Trip: currently unavailable
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: I am happy to inform you that I was really happy with their services they provided me.

A special thanks and recomendation to the manager Mr Elifasi who was very helpfull.
He really did his best to make our stay a nice one : he came with the driver to the airport to pick us up, as well he came along as well to drop us again. He was very invloved and met us various times in the hotel, even onces on a sunday evening.

His guides were very profesionall and friendly. We did not reach the summit of the Kilimanjaro, but we definately can look back to a very nice time, a big part of this was due to the smooth organisation of the operator.
Client: Sheila Maclean - from United Kingdom
Trip: currently unavailable
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: I had a REALLY enjoyable cycle tour with Mejah. It was one of the highlights of my stay in Tanzania and a wonderful way to end my trip.

Mejah's vision for both cycling and encouraging entrepreneurialism in Tanzania are an inspiration. I discovered a lot about parts of Dar Es Salaam that I would never normally be encouraged to visit and I also learnt more about Tanzanian culture and attitudes. Mejah's concern for local people, businesses as well as environmental issues was encouraging and very close to my own interests and concerns.

I really hope that you can encourage and sponsor more of this kind of tourism.

When I come back to Tanzania, this is precisely the kind of thing I would be looking for.
Client: Gajen Sunthar - from United Kingdom
Trip: Nature Safari 3 Days, 2 Nights Safari in Tanzania
Rating: rating 4/5
Comment: We did the two day safari to Tarangire National Park and the Ngorongoro crater. I was a bit worried at first that as we were taking the cheaper option we would miss out on seeing some animals or that we would still want more at the end - not true.

The 2 days were fantastic, we saw virtually all the animals we hoped to see (including a male lion pee on our jeep), stayed in the fantastic Lodge Safari in our own log fire cabin and by the end of it were ready to head to the beach.

Our tour guide was friendly and very informed.
Client: Lesley Southcombe - from Australia
Trip: currently unavailable
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro was a truly memorable experience and I would not hesitate to recommend this tour operator.

All transfers were on time.

Chislon, my travel contact handled all my queries and e mails and was very helpful when my luggage did not arrive at Kilimanjaro airport.

My very experienced guide Wilson was both professional and knowledgeable. It was a pleasure trekking with him.

The porters did a fantastic job and I was always amazed at the meals produced under the circumstances.

Thank you so much.
Client: Rhoda Engstrom - from United States
Trip: Nature Safari 3 Days, 2 Nights Safari in Tanzania
Rating: rating 4/5
Comment: Overall we had a wonderful safari experience. We were greeted at a designated meeting place by Dyness, with whom we had corresponded, and our driver, Antone. Both of these employees were friendly and gracious. Antone was skilled in finding most of the animals we hoped to see and gave us lots of information about them.

The Tarangire Sopa Lodge was incredible - we had no idea how nice that would be. Each of the parks was unique, and we enjoyed seeing the different landscapes and numerous animals throughout.

All in all, we definitely enjoyed the safari and realize that this was a once in a lifetime experience for us.
Client: Bhupendra Madhiwalla - from India
Trip: Kenya and Tanzania Luxury Safari
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: We had a wonderful Safari holiday. We were fortunate to see unusually twin baby elephants, jackal and hynae mating and wildebeest caught and dragged in water by crocodile besides seeing plenty of elephants, leopards, cheetahs, rhinos, hippos, lions, hyaneas, warthog, buffalos, zebras, wildebeest, flamingos and hundreds of birds. Weather was excellent. We were happy even with 100% vegetarian food excepting one couple.
Client: Virginia Corbett - from Canada
Trip: currently unavailable
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: We are glad we did this trip and are very happy we booked with this operator. We got excellent value for our money.

This tour went out to the Western Serengeti, included a hot air balloon ride and flight back to Arusha, stays at the best lodges (Serena every night but one) and it was private,just the two of us. The Serena lodges have excellent food and service and very nice accommodatons plus, they all have power 24 hrs a day which some other lodges don't have. This tour was only $400 more than other tours we looked at that did not go as far west and did not include any flights, hot air balloon ride (costs $500 when booked seperately), only some nights at Serena lodges, and they put other people with you. Any enquireries we sent were answered prompty and they put in extra effort with special requests.

Our driver/guide was excellent. His english was very good, he was a considerate driver (the roads are rough, as expected) and knowlegable about the areas visited, animals and culture. As hegotto know us and our interests he worked hard at trying to find everything we wanted to see.

The young man that met us on arrival at Zanzibar also took us on some tours. He too did an excellant job. We did not have any organizational problems, everything that was booked for us went smoothly as planned.

We highly recommend the tour operator for any one planning this type of vacation.
Client: Jennifer - from United States
Trip: Great Tour - 5 days, 4 nights Safari in Tanzania
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: I am happy to reply with feedback on the really fantastic trip we took.

The tour operator did a professional job from beginning to end. We were met as planned at every juncture.

Our agent (Neema) was helpful all along the way during the planning. Our guide (Partson) quickly became friends to us. He was knowledgeable and professional. I am recommending them to friends at this time, and strongly suggesting they ask for the same guide.

We toured a different park in Tanzania each day, and slept in a different lodge ech night. The accommodatnios ands the food were excellent. We saw all the big five as well, which is rare for a first trip.

All in all, it was a perfect trip.
Client: Abhay Phansalkar - from Sudan
Trip: Kilimanjaro Climb -Marangu Route “Coca Cola Route"
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: It was indeed a memorable experience.

The tour was well conducted and we were guided through the trek in most professional manner.

The guides,porters and cook were forthcoming with their contributions at all stages of the trek and safari and we were totally relaxed as far as the administrative arrangements were concerned.

It has been an achievement for me made possible with your assistance.

Thanks again for the wonderful experience.
Client: Jeff Ratburn - from Canada
Trip: Nature Safari 3 Days, 2 Nights Safari in Tanzania
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: It was a great trip. We were well takin care of, they made sure that we were comfortable in our hotel(The African) and very knowlegable of the local areas.

John(our guide) did an extremely great job. Answering questions about local towns and areas as well as the animals of both Lake Manyara and Ngorogoro. I, personally really enjoyed our stay at the Octagon. And once again John made sure that we were well takin care of. The road going down into the creater was a bit nerve-racking for some of us but they managed to get through it. Its all part of the journey.

I would surely recommend these guys to anyone looking to go on a safari holiday.

All in all it was a great trip.
Client: Anna Luckock - from United Kingdom
Trip: currently unavailable
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: We had a fantastic time on the cycling tour of Dar es Salaam. Our tour guides were very professional and friendly and tought us a great deal about the lives of those who live in Dar es Salaam as well as some of teh history of the area. We had a fabulous lunch, played pool with some locals at a bar hiding from the torrential rain, and met some friendly local kids who were keen to have their photos taken. It was a wonderful opportunity to see areas of Dar es Salaam which as tourists we are unlikely to find.

I would recommend this tour to anyone staying in or passing through Dar.
Thank you!!
Client: Greg Bozek - from Poland
Trip: Great Tour - 5 days, 4 nights Safari in Tanzania
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: It was fantastic safari!

Our driver/guide Huruma is an experienced guide and we saw at least 10 lions, cheetahs, leopard, 50 or more hippos, hundrets of elephants, zebras lots of giraffes and 5 black rhinos, one leopard eating his prey and later crossing the road just in front of our Toyota 4 Runner. We took over 2000 exeptional pictures!

We had very good cook ( Aboo ). He prepared for us fantastic breakfasts, lunches and suppers. We were camping and it was very rewarding experience. We organized our tour with Mwanaid, 26 years old female tourist consultant from Arusha. She booked our hotel and return bus tickets from Arusha to Mombasa, Kenya.

Great people, highly recommended!!!
Client: Harin Mankad - from India
Trip: currently unavailable
Rating: rating 4/5
Comment: "My trip was nice and a memorable one.

The people i met were very friendly, helpful and co-operative, i was given a very warm welcome right from the airport. Shadrack Masinde was really a big help in a totally new place.

The camel safari was well aranged too and the Samburu guides made it all the more interesting.

I however have one suggestion to make to you. Maralal is a pretty inaccessible place and reaching there in public transport is very difficult. If arrangements could be made by the form in terms of providing their own vehicles to and from Nairobi, it would be more comfortable for tourists.

that is all i'd like to say. once again thank you for a lovely and memorable trip."
Trip Operators Response:

Thank you for the client's feedback and we are glad that he enjoyed the trip despite finding the transport difficult from Nairobi to Maralal and we appreciate his constructive comments,

As stated when the client made his booking, the itinerary does NOT include transfer from Nairobi to Maralal. We offer a complimentary public transport.

However, we will improve this part of the itinerary by giving clients two transfer options with private transport and with complimentary public transport.
Client: Hazel C - from United States
Trip: currently unavailable
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: We took the Northern Circuit of Tanzania tour. We had a great two weeks. The accommodations were comfortable and the food was good. Our vehicle, a Toyota Landcruiser, had a roof which lifted up so that we could view the animals easily and safely. Our driver/guide drove carefully and always made sure to ask us if we were ready to move on.

We had requested a guide who knew the birds and we had an excellent one. He also had several reference books on the animals and birds which we were welcome to look at. Besides knowing his birds, he was great at finding animals. We were the first vehicle to arrive at a sighting several times. Often he would have to explain in detail just where the animal was before we were able to see it because it was so well camouflaged. He gave us lots of time to really view the animals.

Besides the Big Five and large herds of zebra, wildebeest, buffalo. impala, Thompson's and Grant's gazellles we saw many of the other mammals as well, such as water buck, bush buck, reed buck, eland, topi, jackals, serval cat, African wild cat, mongooses, rock and tree hyrax and, of course, baboons, vervet monkeys, blue monkeys and Colobus monkeys. It was an amazing trip and really lived up to our expectations.

We would recommend it to anyone.
Client: Oz and Liz Schalm - from Canada
Trip: currently unavailable
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: My wife and I have recently returned from a 17-day photo safari.

We enjoyed our stays at the Rufiji River Camp, Lake Manze Lodge, and the Ruaha River Lodge. We were treated hospitably by our guide, Fikiri. He was very concerned about our welfare and did his best to be sure that we saw as much game as possible and positioned us so that we had the best photo ops.

The many excellent photos we have are proof of the value of this trip. He was also very considerate in making sure that we were doing what we wanted to do,when we wanted to do so.

Anyone planning a similar safari would do well by using this safari company.
Client: Cheryl Wogan-Browne - from Australia
Trip: Tanzania Wildlife Safari & Zanzibar Beach Holiday
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: I am pleased to report we were very happy with the tour operator. THEY were very courteous and accommodated our requests throughout the booking process.

Once on the ground, we had a sensational time and were delighted with arrangements. Our safari guide was knowledgeable and terrific at spotting wildlife. Their representative in Zanzibar was very helpful.

I would not hesitate to recommend them. I would, however recommend Tanzania does something about the state of the road to Lake Victoria - its appalling!
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6 day Fun Safari in Tanzania's Northern Parks

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