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Reviews: All of Egypt - 14 days

All of Egypt - 14 days

Experience the very best Egypt has to offer - 4 nights in Cairo, 3 nights cruising down the Nile, 2 nights in Luxor and 4 nights relaxing by the Red Sea. Perfect combination for families

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Client: Derek Thien - from Saudi Arabia
Trip: Short visit to Egypt
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: I have got good email responses from the tour operator. They were very help to tailor additional itenerary for the addtional days.

We ended up very satisfied with their tour guides Ms. Rasha Fathy & Mr. Ainan who shown us the various attractions. They arrived timely and used good comfortable vehicle to carry us, and most important of all is their friendliness & courtesy.
Client: Yulia Yasmina - from Indonesia
Trip: A taste of Egypt, includes Cairo Nile Cruise Luxor
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: The tour arrangement was perfect! All iteniraries discussed prior to reserving the tour package were fulfilled as stated.

The choice of tour guides and drivers were excellent! They would go far to providing us the best service, even if it's not originally stated in the tour reservation.

In brief, my husband and I had a fantastic holiday, as expected, thanks to the people "running the show" for us.
Client: Joyce OHara - from United Kingdom
Trip: Egypt: Sights of Cairo and 5 Star Nile Cruise
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: They provided my family with a truly VIP service from the minute we arrived at the airport until we were safely chaperoned to our departing flight.

The staff and guides were all knowledgeable, kind courteous and provided the highest standard of customer sevice. In all my travels throughout the world during the past 20 years, we have not had better service.

We had a fantastic holiday with a balance of busy and interesting visits of cultural and historical importance as well as time to relax on the 5 star cruise and we completed our holiday by chilling out in luxury at the superb Hyatt Regency hotel on the edge of the beautiful Red Sea.

This was a truly memorable holiday and we plan to come back to Egypt in the near future.
Client: Michelle Hopwood - from United Kingdom
Trip: Egypt - Cairo tour and Sharm El Sheikh
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: We had the most wonderful holiday in Egypt. Everything ran smoothly! The tours, the accommadation and the food were all great! Everything was well organised and we could not have asked for anything else. Our driver and tour guide were fantastic and the guide was very knowledgeable!

All in all we had a great time and our holiday in Egypt will be well remembered.
Client: Lauren Hurrell - from United Kingdom
Trip: Egypt: Sights of Cairo and 5 Star Nile Cruise
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: Myself and my partner had an amazing holiday in Egypt this summer and were extremely impressed with the whole experience. The quality of service we received throughout the tour was excellent and we were very pleased with the high standards of all accommodation and other facilities we were offered.

We were most impressed with the friendliness, accommodating nature and amazingly detailed level of knowledge we found with all of the guides we met on our tour.

This really helped to make our holiday an incredably enjoyable and memorable experience, and one which we have been happy to recommend to friends and family.
Client: David Frankl - from United Kingdom
Trip: Egypt: Sights of Cairo and 5 Star Nile Cruise
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: We had a truly oustanding holiday. During the booking stage Lamia responded very quickly to our every request for changes, and the holiday was extremely good value.

In Egypt, the guides and representatives were always polite, courteous and made us feel very welcome. The itinerary was exceptional, and we had sufficient free time and at each stage we had a really good guide, with a good knowledge of English.

Each place, we were assured of the itinerary, and always the arrangements works splendidly. We both had a truly marvellous experience, and would like to thank all the staff for that.

We are willing to recommend you to others, and have already done so to our friends.
Client: Karwai Lau - from United Kingdom
Trip: Egypt Tour 4 ngts Cairo-2 ngts Luxor-2 ngts Sharm
Rating: rating 4.5/5
Comment: The entire trip was quite well organized. I especially appreciated how punctual the tour leaders, drivers and associated tour guides were. I felt very safe and confidence during most the time in the trip, as the tour leaders/tour guides always made sure I was being well taken care of.

Part of the trip was visiting various local shops in Cairo and Luxor, and the information was mostly well delivered. However, if I may suggest, perhaps the agents could provide a bit more information about the price of specific shops for which I was taken to visit. As a tourist myself, I enjoy good quality of services and definitely would not mind to pay slightly higher prices than the locals, but I would be even more appreciate if my tour guides/travel agents could provide me information about fair prices on what I spend on. For instance, I was very pleased when my second tour guide in Cairo accompanied me to go into a local marketplace and helped me to negotitate fair prices with the shopkeepers when she believed the sellers were selling me goods twice as what they were worthed, and the same went for my tour guide in Luxor, who told me how much I should or should not be spent on certain handcrafts. All the tour guides were very friendly and they were all very knowledgable and professional.

Thank you very much the company and for the entire organization and I definitely would recommend your agency to my friends and family.
Client: Donna Johns - from Australia
Trip: Egypt: Sights of Cairo and 5 Star Nile Cruise
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: We had a great time in Egypt and were very much surprised and delighted that everything went to plan (as we had booked, against local agent advice, direct on the Internet).

We had a great Tour Manager, our own mini bus at our disposal (which we hadn't realized) and our own private driver and guides (there were four persons travelling). It was more than we had imagined and we were really thrilled. Everything was no problem for them.

They were all very pleasant and made us feel very welcome. Our connections were smooth, communications great and would recommend them to anyone wanting to tour.
Client: Thomas Nitsch - from Germany
Trip: 2 weeks in Egypt
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: service: very good - knowledge of the tour guide: very good - organization: very good - quality of service: very good

We enjoyed our holidays very much.
Client: John & Patrice Blackwell - from Australia
Trip: Egypt: Sights of Cairo and 5 Star Nile Cruise
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: The entire tour went like clock-work from the moment we were met at Cairo airport by our guide, till we were returned to Cairo airport some days later at the end of a very enjoyable holiday.

We were extremely pleased by the effort our Tour Guide Operator put into ensuring we had a truly enjoyable stay in Egypt. The highlight, for us, was the Nile cruise.

We both highly recommend it to anyone considering a holiday in Egypt. It was just fabulous!
John and Patrice Blackwell.
Client: Zahid Dar - from United Kingdom
Trip: 2 weeks in Egypt
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: The holiday was a once in a lifetime trip. The tour was a hectic schedule of monuments that were breath-taking. The cruise on the Nile was a welcome slowing down of pace to the touring. Particularly enjoyed the stay at the Old Cataract Hotel in Aswan - its architechture and landscaped garden overlooking the banks of the Nile.
Client: Gabriella Casula - from Italy
Trip: Egypt and Pharaonic Monuments
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: We will never forget our stay in your wonderful country. I know I want to come back to see more of the Ancient Egypt and do lots more diving!! Also we are recommending your services to everybody!

It was so pleasant to see that Italians are so welcome in Egypt, I was always welcomed as "Italian cousin". I was really deeply touched. Please would you pass a message of thanks onto Rasha, Ahmed and Foad.

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All of Egypt - 14 days

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