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Reviews: 7 Day Southern Malawi Highlights Tour

7 Day Southern Malawi Highlights Tour

A tour so adventurous . This tour will take you to the southern Malawi's highlights, visiting Mulanje Mountain, safari in Liwonde National Park and relaxing on the Island in Senga Bay.

Operator rating 5/5 from 9 reviews
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Client: Rev. Stewart Lane - from South Africa
Trip: Zambia Luangwa Valley Safari
Rating: rating 4.5/5
Comment: I had a great safari and would definitely recommend the tour operator and lodge they used. There was a glitch concerning the transfer of information about my dietary requirements to the lodge, but their staff coped brilliantly without advance notice..
Client: Earl Godwin - from United States
Trip: currently unavailable
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: Yes, I did enjoy the Safari. I stayed at "Wildlife Camp".

I thoroughly enjoyed the drives and accommodations. The camp was efficiently run and the safari driver/guide (Billy) was excellent!
Client: Colleen Craig - from United States
Trip: Wild Zambia Camping Safari
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: We did indeed have a terrific safari. To sum it up:

They provided excellent service for the three of us- myself, my husband Jim, and our niece Renee. When our luggage did not show up in time for the trip, they offered to pick it up at the Malawi airport and transport it all the way to our camp in South Luangwa, no problem!

Our guide Henry was talented, funny, and very genuine, reveling not only his knowledge of Africa, but a thoughtful interest in our views as well. Raphael really impressed us with his cooking skills, we weren't expecting such creative fare every day. They book a bush camp in North Luangwa at Chifunda and I would highly recommend this to everyone.

We visited the village aligned with the camp and met the chief, had a typical native lunch (after helping grind the peanuts!) and had a chance to talk to many local people. The bush camp itself is welcoming after a long drive getting there, with very friendly folk and comfortable accommodation in their bandas - open air showers and a view of the river right outside the windows. Our guided walks there were spectacular, especially seeing the
leopard in our path!

I would use the Africa Guide again when researching our next trip, and would tell my traveling friends to peruse the site, it has so much information.
Client: the Haydu Family - from United States
Trip: Zambia Luangwa Valley Safari
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: We loved the Safari. They were able to offer the same safari as other operators at a substantial reduction.

The Lodge couldn't have been better. The drive to and from Lilongwe to the gamepark was seamless and easy. The driver was willing to make any stops that we wanted.

We highly recommend this Safari Company.
Client: Neil and Anne Horne - from United Kingdom
Trip: currently unavailable
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: Our 4-day trek on Mulanje Massif, was excellent from start to finish. We were warmly welcomed and well briefed.

Our guide was first class, very knowledgeable and sensitive to our individual needs. Arrangements for porterage and cooking were good too and the meals were excellent (and copious).

Weather conditions, in July, were perfect for walking. We will go again and stay longer!!
Client: Romie - from South Africa
Trip: currently unavailable
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: Briefly I arranged everything from South Africa and it was wonderful having such easy access to the internet and instant e-mail responses from the Lilongwe office.

My son, his girlfriend and I had traveled all the way up from Johannesburg to Vic Falls in my Renault. On the 28th December we arrived at the pick-up point in Chipata.

Henry drove like a Dakar rally driver and apart from splashing a few hapless bystanders with muddy rain water, took us safely into Luangwa Valley.

From then on, he was busy organizing a cook which seemed a problem only because, like lions, cooks are hard to find! But we always had good food and watched the different men struggling with the height of the cooker, standing on the boxes to reach - and struggling to wash the dishes squeezed in between the ladder to the upstairs floor, and the kitchen sink - clearly a design flaw in the architecture. But it didn't bother us.

We ate and slept in the beautiful lodge and wondered in our sleep what the funny growling and other weird noises were that we heard in the night.

Fred our guide was very keen to look after all our animal-sighting needs. We saw buffalo, a giraffe with two heads or so it seemed at first! - and hippos a-plenty - ugly beasts really!

Luckily I had seen lions in the Serengeti game parks so I wouldn't have been too unhappy if we'd left Luangwa Valley without seeing any. But my son and his girlfriend were longing for a glimpse of the Kings of the Jungle. Two night drives brought sightings of hyena and the smaller cats, but because of the rain, the lions stayed away.

We had just about given up when on the last hour of the last day we saw a lioness AND -the cream on the cake for me too,- the leopard. Fred's determination to pursue every tip and trail had paid off! We were so elated!

Thank You for a great experience and please share the photos and thanks with Henry and Fred! Love also to Patience.
Client: Justin Lancaster - from United States
Trip: Zambia Luangwa Valley Safari
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: I must say that normally I would make all the arrangements myself once I arrive at a destination so I was reluctant at first to use your services; with that said, your team did a fantastic job making our trip fun and trouble free.

We had the best time at the Safari Lodge in South Luangwa. The people there were terrific and it wasnt crowded.

Please tell everyone that Janelle and I had the best time! I would recommend you to anyone planning a trip to Africa.

Justin Lancaster
Seattle, Washington
Client: Donald Marcy - from United States
Trip: Zambia Luangwa Valley Safari
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: The safari was very good.

I actually spent the time with the Lodge staff and guides I stayed at. The operator did a very good job of arranging my stay there and ensuring all the details such as airport transfers were covered. The Lodge is an excellent place with well-trained professionals, a superb chef, and very comfortable accomodations.

I would recommend this tour operator without qualification to anyone travelling in that area who wants to see South Luangua National Park.
Client: Valarie Piederriere - from Canada
Trip: currently unavailable
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: Me and my friend were picked up on time by the operator before the safari. They took us to their office, where we were offered tea and biscuits whilst filling some forms. We then set out on a 5 hour drive to our safari destination.

Our driver was very friendly, we had sufficient time for lunch and we could stop for toilet or photos when we wanted. At the end of the safari, the operator kindly agreed to leave 1 hour later than planned so that I could enjoy a last morning drive. I should also mention that they had arranged for a visa waiver for entry into Zambia and that border crossings were dealt with quickly and efficiently. All in all, I would say that they were excellent organisers of the safari.

As for the safari itself, it was also a very positive experience. All the staff was extremely friendly and helpful. The accommodation was very comfortable: the main lodge has very nice chalets with en suite bathroom, a great dining area and a swimming pool; the bush camp, whilst less luxurious, is also very comfortable and even has flushing toilets. We really felt all the staff were trying to make our stay as good as possible. Oh, and the food was excellent and served with panache every night.

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7 Day Southern Malawi Highlights Tour

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