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Reviews: Ghana Wildlife Safari - Walking with Elephants

Ghana Wildlife Safari - Walking with Elephants

Have a close encounter with the world’s largest land mammals, the African elephants during an amazing foot safari, and experience the tranquility of the Black Volta river, viewing hippos in traditional dug out canoes.

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Client: Allen and Linda Crockett - from United States
Trip: This Trip: Ghana Wildlife Safari - Walking with Elephants
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: It's been a month since we returned from our 10-day wildlife/birding tour of Ghana, we're putting the finishing touches on our photo album, and we still marvel and how perfectly everything went.

The naturalist guide, James, is a world class birder who worked very hard to eke out every additional species sighting for us. Just as importantly, he worked hard to see that we were well taken care of by the hotels and restaurants. He and the driver, William, were very congenial as well as professional, and we shared many laughs as well as thought-provoking discussions on long drives and at dinner.

The itinerary -- custom designed for us to maximize time spent experiencing nature at different venues -- could not have been better. The timing worked out great, William drove us safely on rough back-country roads and through incredible traffic (to us, since we're from a small town in the western U.S.) in the cities.

The hotels were clean and comfortable, the food was quite good, and it's impossible to say enough about James' keen eye and ear. While we were still struggling to find a bird in a far-away tree, James would say, "In the scope." and there it was at high-power magnification for us to admire and study in detail. Kakum's canopy boardwalk and Mole's beauty and abundant wildlife were wonderful.

If we are fortunate enough to visit Ghana again someday, we would like to see the eastern region with its waterfalls and hike to Ghana's highest point. But for this first visit, we wouldn't change a thing. If we do return, we would hope to travel with James and William again. We will never forget them, the amazing sights of Ghana, and the excellent service provided by Mark, Lydia, and the other staff.
Client: Linda Dronsfield - from United States
Trip: This Trip: Ghana Wildlife Safari - Walking with Elephants
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: Our family of four recently completed the Walking with Elephants tour. The detailed itinerary was very appealing to us. From the wildlife to the villages and markets, from a mosque to museums, and even a bead factory - everything exceeded our expectations!

Yaw and Kawawa (our guide and driver) were both outstanding! Yaw is extremely knowledgeable and was quick to customize the schedule to meet our needs. Kawawa always had a smile on his face, even while driving on some of the bumpiest roads we've ever encountered.

Even before the trip, Janet and the administrative staff were very responsive to our needs. When the airlines canceled certain flights, with a smile, Janet rearranged all of the dates and hotel accommodations to fit our needs.

In 10 days, we traveled over 2000 km circling the diverse country of Ghana but we wouldn't have given up any of our destinations. We would highly recommend this tour operator.
Client: Penny Cousins - from United Kingdom
Trip: This Trip: Ghana Wildlife Safari - Walking with Elephants
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: Our holiday exceeded our expections! from the moment the beaming smile of our driver and guide greeted us at the airport things just got better and better.

The whole experience was delightful, we have so many memories and photos that I could go on for ever! The services of Yah and Kawawa were fantastic. Nothing was too much trouble for them and they looked after us very well. The 2 safaris we had at Mole National Park were just wonderful. To come across an elephant is something to be experienced, feeding monkeys from my hand was amazing! The stay at Talawano lodge was an experience that I would not have wanted to miss, and the last night stay at Anamobo beach resort was lovely.

I would, without hesitation, recommend this operator to anyone.
Client: Vic and Rita Krueger - from Canada
Trip: This Trip: Ghana Wildlife Safari - Walking with Elephants
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: Mark`s passion for Ghana and the people of Ghana is simply outstanding. This shows in all the events that he plans for his tours.

Mark, and the guides he hired ,were very knowledgeable when explaining the history and culture of Ghana. He was also very flexible. Itinerary changes were made to make our experience more meaningful.

It was a very special trip.

This Operator Reviews

Client: Susan Mullaney - from United States
Trip: Ghana Bird Watching Tour - 17 Days
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: The 14-day birdwatching tour was very rewarding. Going from location to location allowed us to see quite a bit of the country in addition to our 250+ species. I was very pleased with all of the accommodations -- they all had aircon and hot water.

The highlight of the hotels, however, was the proprietors. Ghanaians are supremely friendly! I especially liked the cook/owner of D&A Guest House in Shama. Very delicious buffet dinner.

Our guide, Robert Ntakor, amazed me. A bird would flit by and he'd identify it in a split second. He was also excellent at spotting birds in the dense brush and canopy. He seems to have the calls of every bird in Ghana on his iPod and we had great success attracting beauties such as the long-tailed hawk, great blue turaco, emerald cuckoo, and the list goes on.

It was great fun seeing and photographing the exotic birds.
Client: Alf King - from United Kingdom
Trip: Ghana Birdwatching Tour
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: My wife and I had a 12 day birdwatching trip to Ghana in December and enjoyed it enormously. We could be called veterans of such trips having travelled to many countries and dealt with numerous travel companies who organise these kind of holidays.

This organisation was up with the best of these and their prices are very reasonable, much lower than any UK based organisation could offer. The quality of the tour was equal to if not better than any other organisation and I would wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone planning such a holiday.

They were fully supportive and informative throughout the planning process and the whole holiday went smoothly, which is quite unusual for this kind of holiday in our experience. We originally found the operator via the Africa Guide web site and regard ourselves very fortunate to have done so.

We covered a number of the key birding sites in Southern Ghana focussing particularly upon the Guinea rainforest endemics, successfully locating 275 species of which 127 were new birds for us and also observing the majority of the target species.

Transport and driving services were excellent and the accommodation was generally very good. The sites that we visited were evocative and in some cases spectacular: the Kakum walkway has to be experienced at least once by everyone, although in my case once will be quite enough (no head for heights). As anyone with a real interest in nature would know the experience of being in rainforest away from the crowds and the hurly burly provides a real insight into what any country has to offer.

Ghana is really an excellent country to visit, quite unlike many others in Africa where we had been previously and, whilst we had expected this to be our sole journey to this country. We are now inclined to return and experience its special atmosphere once again.
Client: Melanie Steward - from United States
Trip: 9 Day Cultural Discoveries of Ghana
Rating: rating 4.5/5
Comment: I had a fabulous time in Ghana in October.

The organization was very good and our guide, Yaw Asimoah, is most knowledgeable.

Although I could have done with fewer shopping opportunities (not the usual complaint, I expect) the wildlife viewing, historical experiences and social interactions were superb.
Client: Otonye Davies - from Nigeria
Trip: Cultural History- Ghana Panafest and Emancipation
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: The trip met my family's expectation. We had professional, experienced and friendly guides. Itinerary was super. Changing hotels frequently made it more fun.

We saw many things, explored the history culture and vast areas of Ghana. Accra,Cape Coast, Kumasi, Kitampo, Mole, Water falls, Elmina Castle, Canopy walk way, Volta dam etc ,etc. We met the people, ate their food, felt their warmth and smiles, made new friends and shared their feelings.

It was good.
Client: Paul and Donna Hayes - from United States
Trip: Ghana Birdwatching Tour
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: Ghana was hot, but with the wonderfully airconditioned hotels with swimming pools that we enjoyed nightly and often during a pm break, we Northerners survived.

Our guides were personable, knowledgeable, and excellent at finding the birds we had gone to see. The ever present bottled water was a real plus as that was not something we needed to worry about. Price was not only very reasonable but it included everything(which isn't always true), even trying local treats from car vendors.

No one bugging us for tips, local food was a treat, locals were friendly and interested in us as we were in them.

We had a great vacation and I would recommend this company for any tour of Ghana, as they will take you whereever you want to go. They went out of their way to make us comfortable and to do the things we wanted to do and to find the birds we were most interested in.
Client: Christine Lane - from United Kingdom
Trip: Ghana Tour: 14 Day Cultural History Trek
Rating: rating 4.5/5
Comment: Our itinerary was excellent and we covered 8 out of the 10 regions in Ghana.Our 2 guides and 1 driver were all Ghanaian, they were informative, flexible and fun and took us to places of interest not included in the itinerary.

We started on the coast visiting the Castles and learning about the Slave Trade, we visited the largest market in West Africa, completed the amazing Canopy walk, visited various villages,learnt and watched Kenti Clothes being produced,also Palm Oil, Cocoa, Fufu and Garri. At Mole National Park we walked within 20 yards of Elephants, we went in a dug out up the Black Volta so close to Hippos and wonderful bird life and spent 2 days and 1 night living with the Lobi tribe on the border of Burkino Faso, sleeping as they do on the roof of their houses-----no electricity and water from one bore hole.

So many highlights but for me the greatest higlight was the Ghanaian people. I have lived and travelled all over Africa but never before have I met such friendly, welcoming and smiley people.

On the downside we were asked to use Paypal to pay the balance of our trip--they were a nightmare to deal with and we found other means of paying,we passed this on to the opeator.

There are a few long drives and don't always expect showers etc to be in good working order.

The tour operator was extremely helpful when we were planning this trip, nothing was too much trouble.

Finally I have no hesitation in recommending them and Ghana.
Client: Doug Nettles - from United States
Trip: Ghana - Historical and Cultural tour 8 days
Rating: rating 4/5
Comment: I thought the tour personal was outstanding.

They provided any and everything we needed. The guide was very knowledgeable and was able to provide great insight into the history behind all the sites we visited. All the food and hotels except the Afia African Village were great.

The management of the African Village was not very helpful and would not except anything except Cedi's but that was not told to us until we where to check out.

I would recommend the operator to all that want to see the historical side of Ghana. I am a history teacher and I thought it was informative and insightful.
Client: Karin - from Norway
Trip: Cultural History Adventure in Ghana
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: When an unfortunate family had to cancel at the last minute, I found myself the only guest on Prince and Oscar's tour, yippie!

It was like being taken around by old friends, introducing you to their friends in the villages, the cities, the National Parks: two of the most warm-hearted, knowledgeable, pleasant Ghanaians you could hope to meet, always ready to point out birdlife, scenery, crops of all kinds, interesting features of village life.

The palm oil producers, cocoa farmers, pineapple sellers along the road, bead-makers, weavers: all were happy to see the courteous and friendly team of Prince and Oscar. Ghanaian politics and history were at their fingertips, to be discussed in detail on the interesting drives, and during our visits to a slave fort and to the Ashante King's palace. They introduced me to bush meat, fufu, banku and other delicacies.

The hotels are all comfortable and friendly. As Oscar often said, We are always at your service, and this included patient Twi lessons at my request, gentle psychology to entice me on the spectacular Canopy Walkway and a long and successful search for Kasapreko Cocoa Liqueur when I fell in love with their commercial: ". made with our cocoa!"

I was lucky enough to meet several other guides from the company including Mark himself, and saw that "birds of a feather flock together": all were lovely people, as were the local wildlife and cultural guides.
Client: Jessyca Dudley - from United States
Trip: Eco and Historical tour of Ghana
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: Our experience was outstanding.

As a group of 6 with varied interest and experiences we all felt well served by the tour. Our guide was incredibly informative and willing to tailor our trip to our needs. We look forward to touring with them again in the future!
Client: Jim Hoston - from United States
Trip: Ghana - Historical and Cultural tour 8 days
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: My tour was excellent.

Yaw and Mensah were the best and they took me to places that wasn't always on the list of sites. I learned a great deal from Mensah on the Slave trade and Yaw got me up to speed on the Culture of Ghana as well.

I was highly pleased with their service and would recommend your outfit to other people traveling to Ghana. Thank you for living up to your advertising. Keep up the great work and I plan to keep in touch with Yaw and Mensah in the future.

Continued success to your organization.
Client: Helen Fox - from United Kingdom
Trip: Ghana Eco and Wildlife Safari tour
Rating: rating 4/5
Comment: If your looking for the 4 star, luxurious, top notch type of Safari, then this is not for you. This is the real deal.

I enjoyed some great days on my holiday, and some days when i thought 'what have i done' however it is a great experience. I'll be fair and honest, and hopefully give you the real insight into my holiday.

Good points and bad. You get to meet really genuine people. From your tour guides to those who actually live in the communities (yes, you spend two days in two villages). You do get to see monkeys, elephants,a hippo or two if your lucky, crocodiles,and if you love birdwatching, then Mole National Park is for you. You'll spend a night under the stars, and you'll see goats, herds of sheep and cows. It's an excellent sight to see.

However, the down side is that most of this happens on the latter part of your holiday. A lot of time is spent travelling by road. Some of the accommodation is very basic. Bring essential items such as mosquito spray/cream, toilet rolls and dozens of toilet tissues and face wipes to keep you clean and fresh. Bring a camcorder and a camera. Still life is great however capturing the sounds of elephants bathing and playing in the water early morning is glorious. The canopy walk in Bole National park is really cool but not for those of you that are afraid of heights. The really frustrating things are the tour guides often stop at places where they hope you can give 'donations' to small communities. It can become tedious after a few days, however when you calculate it, it's only a pound or two.

Hope this helps.
Client: Tom Hughman - from United Kingdom
Trip: Ghana - Historical and Cultural tour 8 days
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: ! decided to go on the 8 day tour of Ghana for two main reasons. The first, because I lived and worked in Ghana from 1961 to 1964 and my wife, Jean and I wished to revisit places we had enjoyed so much 47 years ago. The second reason is that during this time my daughter, Jane was born in Kumasi and she always wanted to see where she was born.

We arrived in Accra and found the changes amazing, new roads, so many great new buildings, more people and much busier. However, the historical landmarks were just as interesting, the people just as friendly and our guides excellent.

Some things were disappointing, as where we lived and worked had disappeared as had the Ambassador Hotel where we used to go for tea.

So on to Cape Coast which was so interesting to my daughter , the old forts just the same and the history of the slave trade became so real.

The next leg was up to Kumasi, via the excellent walkways over the rain forest, and to try and find where Jane was born. This was not easy, because of the changes and the lack of detailed street maps but thanks to our most helpful guides and local people we eventually found Ellis Avenue. It was a wonderful moment.

To illustrate just how nice the local people were, when we went to the Asatehene's palace, the guide finding out that Jane was born in Kumasi, with the help of other locals, performed a naming ceremony, calling her Nana Yaa Asantehewa, after a famous Ashanti woman who fought the British.

We visited many other interesting places and villages and it really was a trip to remember, and our thanks go to the operator, our guides Mensah and Prince and all the people who we met in the hotels, local restaurants and markets, who helped make our visit so special.
Client: Kristine & Willis Carraway - from United States
Trip: Ghana Eco and Wildlife Safari tour
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: Our recent Cultural and Wildlife Tour was absolutely wonderful!

Our guides, Prince and Oscar, were the very best, always looking out for our welfare and explaining in detail the culture and history of the various places we visited in Ghana.

The tour itself was marvelous, including a great variety of cultural, historical, and wildlife experiences.

We couldn't have asked for or planned a better tour or found better guides. We heartily recommend this operator!
Client: Sam & Janet Matheson - from Canada
Trip: Ghana Eco and Wildlife Safari tour
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: Sam and Janet are pleased to provide you with feedback. We are very, very happy with our 10 days spent in Ghana with this tour operator ....

We travelled in a comfortable 4-wheel drive jeep vehicle, we visited many villages and had warm greetings everywhere we went.

We had comfortable lodgings and good food. We had plenty of good water provided at all times.

We felt completely safe with our tour guides and very well informed as we travelled to the many areas.

We feel we really saw the real Ghana and that we the result we had hoped for by booking this tour. This tour company appear to strive to support the Ghanaian people and the culture of each unique place.
Client: Marcy Bernbaum - from United States
Trip: 9 Day Cultural Discoveries of Ghana
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: I don't have enough good things to say about our trip.

My two daughters and I just returned from a month's trip to West Africa where we visited Morocco, Mali, and Ghana. For all three trips we went through travel companies (local companies in Mali and Ghana and an Australian company in the case of Morocco). While we thoroughly enjoyed all three visits, as well as finding them very educational, the one that really stood out was the one to Ghana. A large part of our positive experience is due to the way the tour operator organized and managed our trip.

The highly positive experience started with planning the trip. I told Mark that I was a retired foreign service officer with USAID, had spent most of my life in development (including living in Kenya), that I am a frustrated applied cultural anthropologist who is very interested in the cultures of the countries I visited, and that I didn't want a typical "tourist" trip. I also told him that my daughters (a fourth year medical student and a school teacher) were also very interested in programs with an ecological focus; as well as education and health systems in Ghana.

Based on what we told him, Mark put together a trip that covered all of our interests. In 7 days and six nights (unfortunately we had limited time) he organized a trip that collectively met our interests. We went to Kumasi which is the seat of the Ashanti kingdom where we visited a Museum on the grounds of the King's Palace. We went to craft villages near Kumasi where we saw Kente cloth being weaved. We went to a Cacao plantation (cacao is one of Ghana's major experts), which my school teacher daughter was very interested in given she had done a unit on chocolate with her students. We went to two fascinating ecotourism spots supported by USAID: a forest with sacred monkeys (including a grave yard for the monkeys) attached to two villages where the people worshipped the monkeys; a hippo reserve attached to a fascinating village (where we stayed in a compound built for visitors and had the local villagers come to dance for us, very spontaneous, they had lots of fun as did we!). In both cases we went into family compounds in the villages and had a chance to talk to family members. We also went to a game park which is known for elephants.

What we particularly liked about the trip was that, with the exception of the visit to the game park, we didn't see any other tourists: we ate in local restaurants, stayed in hotels (2 and 3 star) which were primarily frequented by Ghanaians. In addition, and a real treat, we sent to Mark's home in Kumasi for dinner where -- in addition to having a wonderful Ghanaian dinner -- we met and talked to Mark's wonderful Ghanaian extended family.

Another plus was that accompanying us on the tour (in addition to Mark and his brother in law who is the driver) was a gentleman who had just been named Ghanaian cultural guide for the year for 2005 by the government. He was terrific: we learned so much from him (we also learned a lot from Mark, it was fascinating getting his take on customs and culture in Ghana as well as the take of the cultural guide).

We also loved the exchange: Mark was as interested in us as we were in him and Ghana. This made, early on, for a wonderful atmosphere in the car and as the trip developed.

Finally, I really appreciated Mark's sincere interest in the country. In addition to the program being a "responsible" travel program, Mark is personally very interested in becoming involved in integrated rural development through eco-tourism.
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Ghana Wildlife Safari - Walking with Elephants

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