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Itinerary: Trekking The High Atlas Mountains of Morocco

Trekking The High Atlas Mountains of Morocco

High Atlas Mountains, with their snow-capped peaks, hidden valleys, and ancient Berber villages, have enticed hikers from across the world. Experience this extraordinary private luxury hiking tour.

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Trekking The High Atlas Mountains of Morocco

This journey lasts seven days, and can be customized with private car or luxury van and driver according to your travel dates.

Morocco can be visited all the year although the winter months can be wet in the north. The Atlas mountains have snow in the winter and are best to explore between April and October. The desert to the south of the Atlas is warm during the day and cooler at night between October and April.

This tour is created for people who would like to do trekking but in a luxury way because you get to do some hiking during the day and at night you will be escorted to your luxury riad at the Berber village of Anrar for dinner and overnight stay.

\"2 people wih a private car and English speaking guide\"

\"3 people and more with a private luxury van and English speaking guide\"

Day 1 - Marrakech hi-light by car - Douar Tafza
If it is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Friday or Saturday, you will visit the bustling weekly souk of the Valley......

Trekking in Ourika - One of the most beautiful valley of the High Atlas Valley that rises gently up to the preliminary hills of the High Atlas where small typical villages have nested. It is a pure and magnificent place where silence is only \" disturbed \" by birds singing, water streams and wagtails. Ourika is famous for its pottery, minerals and crystals.

You will visit the Berber village of Anrar.. Occupied by 52 Berber family....followed by a short walk to the mystic river of the valley and to have a dinner within one of these families to Have a taste of the Berber life style.

Accommodation at the luxury Berber Riad in Ourika.

Day 2 - The Ourika Valley & Aghbalou Cascades (5 hours hike)
From our Berber village Anrar at Douar Tafza until we reach the Berber hamlet of Tamzenddirt (1150m) to start our 5hour hike across the river and up along a narrow winding hillside path surrounded by fields of corn towards Anins and the through the col (1670m). From here we amble down to the Aghbalou Cascade (1148m) where we shall stop for our picnic by the waterfall; an opportunity, perhaps, to get refreshingly wet? Our gentle hike this afternoon is made by setting out for the Berber village of Aghbalou, where we shall cross the Assif Ourika to get to our vehicle which takes us through this beautiful valley on to the riverside hamlet of Setti Fadma with its groves of ancient walnut trees, where we can take a 45 minute walk around the handicraft shops set amidst apple orchards, and then return to our Anrar village around 7.00 in the evening.

Dinner and overnight at the luxury Berber Riad at Anrar village in Ourika.

After a 45 minute drive to Ouirgane where We set off today with our Moroccan Mountain Guide towards the east through fields of corn and flowers to follow alongside the river’s course up and down small hills dotted with red juniper, passing by isolated Berber hamlets until we reach the salt mines at Marigha. Here the Berber peoples have been mining salt by their traditional method used unchanged for centuries. You may see them riding from village to village, selling their salt from the back of their donkeys. You should also, depending on the time of day, get to see those delightful Berber women sitting on their haunches for a chat after gathering wood.

A short drive back for a dinner and overnight at our luxury Berber Riad in Ourika.

Day 4 - Western Ourika Valley & Oukaimeden Plateau (6 hours hike)
A 15 minute drive to the Berber hamlet of Setti Fadma, famed for its nearby waterfalls and ancient walnut trees.

Here we leave our vehicle to start our 5-6 hour hike circle hike towards the west across the river setting out from Agadir n\'Aït Boulmane (1509m) and then towards the north up along a narrow winding path towards the Berber hamlet of Chiqr (1900m), on through the col of the Tizi n\'Ougadil n\'Boulmane (2200m) with the Jbel Oukaïmeden range before us. From here we circle down to Imi n\'Taddert and on up through the valley to the Berber village of Tourichtt where we will stop for our picnic before the waterfall; an opportunity, perhaps to get refreshed. Our afternoon 2-hour hike is made by setting out down via small waterfalls to the Berber hamlet of Amlougghi, to arrive at the village of Aït Barqa where we will cross the river to our vehicle at Hadd n\'Azegaour for our return to our village of Anrar, where we should arrive at around 7.00 pm.

Dinner and overnight at your luxury riad Omar at the village of Anrar.

Day 5 - The Magnificent Jbel Toubkal and Sisters (7hours hike)
We set off today towards the southwest skirting the Berber town of Imlil about 35 min drive from our village( 1740 m), known as Morocco ’s ‘Little Chamonix’, set, as we are, in the upper level foothills of the Western High Atlas mountains of the Toubkal National Park. With streams and paths branching out in all directions, we traverse the Tamatert Valley until we reach the hamlet of Achelm to strike out for some 4km towards the south towards the Berber village of Aroumd (Aremd) (1843m), passing the hamlets of Taourirt, Targa, and Imoula, up and down the stark slopes, the jagged Western High Atlas peaks of the Jbel Toubkal Massif - at 4167m the highest peak in North Africa - before us, with her awe-inspiring sister peaks the Jbels Aguelzim (3547m), Aksouâl (3847m) and the Adrar Adj (3122m) watching us all the way.

We’ll stop at Aroumd to visit this rather singular village in the Assif Aït Mizane Valley , built seemingly house upon house on a large moraine spur overlooking ancient irrigated terraced fields of barley, corn and vegetables and always surrounded by almond and walnut trees. We then carry on for another the equally-quaint village of Sidi Chamharouch, a Berber village set beside a waterfall and small stream, again with its pisé homes seemingly built somewhat chaotically one into another. This village is a place of pilgrimage for devout Moslems and it is where there is a marabout shrine – forbidden to non-Moslems - said to be a relic of a pre-Islamic religious and naturalist cult. We’ll take a break for a picnic, within full view of Jbel Toubkal , prior to setting off back down the other side of the valley at a gentle pace back to the delightful Douar Samra where you bid farewell - ‘bissalaama’ means bye - to your mountain guide.

Dinner and overnight at your luxury riad Omar at the village of Anrar.

Day 6 -Marrakech
An enchanting palm oasis set against the snow-capped peaks of the High Atlas Mountains, Marrakech is Morocco’s second oldest Imperial City and retains the majestic splendor of its ancient past. Buildings are blushed in hues of rosy earth, and horse-drawn carriages clip along broad avenues lined with palm, lime and orange trees. Donkeys carrying carts trawl past fragrant gardens of roses, honeysuckle and jasmine.

Explore the ancient Bahia Palace from the days of the harem, now populated by a sentry of nesting storks, enter the ancient royal Saadien Tombs and view the majestic Koutoubia Mosque before entry into the 9th century walled medina. The bewitching night beats in the heart of the old city’s famed square, Djemaa el-Fna, where delectable fare is grilled over coals in bustling torch-lit open-air markets. Mystical snake charmers, hustlers and mischievous monkeys unfold as part of the nightly drama as Berber acrobats, fortune tellers, musicians and engaging storytellers seduce rapt crowds. Wind your way through the serpentine labyrinth of the spice-filled air of the bustling souk, unchanged for over 1000 years, where you’ll discover the best of traditional Moroccan craftsmanship.

We’ll cap off our evening at the spectacular dinner event in the desert of Marrakech, Fantasia, where we’ll bear witness to a splendid dramatic display of Arabian Nights, belly dancing, folkloric troupes, and stately Arabian steeds charging in dynastic battles as of yore.

Accommodation at your luxury Riad in Marrakech.

Day 7 -Marrakesh -
Return home with plenty of tales of Arabian days and nights.


If you wish to modify or change the entire itinerary according to your interest and desire, please let us know!

$1490.00 (based on double occupancy)
$1760.00 (single occupancy)

What\'s Included:
Luxury Berber Riad in Ourika & Marrakech
All transfers
Private Car, Gas and Driver
All meals
Expert mountain guide
Certified guide in Marrakech
Museums fee
All taxes

Not included in the package price of trip:
Itinernational Airfare
Travel Insurance


This trip is recommended for people only in good physical health.

Equipment Required:
A knapsack for personal needs
Portable water container
Sun hat
Sunscreen and Chap-Stick
Insect repellent (such as Off!)
Hiking boots
Sneakers (for evening comfort)
Flashlight, with extra batteries
A raincoat
Warm clothing

Upgrade to 5* or 5* deluxe accommodation is available.

We can\'t make the sun shine, or the rain fall, but we can promise to do everything in our power to ensure an unforgettable and exceptional visit to Morocco. I hope you\'ll join us.

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Trekking The High Atlas Mountains of Morocco

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