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birth certificate - 14 years ago

write to the zim home office in harare. they'll print you one and post it off to you. you'll get the home office number from the embassy in uk ...
by Annetta in: Zimbabwe Travel Forum

trains - 14 years ago

try 'shosholoza' and 'premier class' and 'hotel on wheels' in your search engine. all have trips to vic falls from jo'burg ...
by Annetta in: Zimbabwe Travel Forum

Durban - 14 years ago

Hi I live in Port Shepstone and have friends in Durban. Hillcrest and Kloof are good areas. Durbs is pretty safe. Jo'burg has a lot of crime but Durbs has petty crime. When you get here just join a lot of clubs - racing pigeons, arden, tennis etc and you'll soon settle down. ...
by Annetta in: South Africa Travel Forum

hillbrow - 14 years ago

hillbrow and yeoville house prices have increased by 100% in the last twelve months. many artists and creative people are starting to move into the district. nigerian druglords are been caught and put behind bars. ...
by Annetta in: South Africa Travel Forum

Buying a business in Bulawayo - 14 years ago

I wish to purchase a business in Bulawayo in the one million rand range. Purchase will be subject to due dilligence and financials. ...
by Annetta in: Anything Africa
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