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Voluntary work in forestry in Africa wanted - 13 years ago

Hi, I come from Czech Republic. I am 27 years old male. I have degree in forestry. I am interested in tropical forestry. I am looking for some voluntary work next year 2007 in Africa: Forestry, Development of rural comunities - agriculture, forestry. I have imunisation against Hepatitida A,B,C. I have driving licence. I speak Czech, English, French (little), Spanish (little), Russian (very little...
by jan in: Work Wanted in Africa Forum

Nimi - 18 years ago

Howzit from Hawaii! Don't think I'll take the Mozambique assignment, but I just might... Write back! Tried to email, but kept getting an error message. ...
by jan in: Mozambique Travel Forum

Trou aux Biches - 14 years ago

Trou aux Biches is WONDERFUL!! I would absolutely recommend it. ...
by jan in: Mauritius Travel Forum

moving to Kimberley - 16 years ago

I will be teaching in Kimberley from January, 2004 until January, 2005. Is there someone from Kimberley who would be willing to answer my unending questions? ...
by jan in: Anything Africa
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