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Re: Any good dentists on the island? - 9 years ago

The best Dentistry in Mauritius is Dentcare. It is located in the North. All diplomats use them. Please let me know if I can further help you on other issues....
by pbrough in: Mauritius Travel Forum

Get out of South Africa and move to Mauritius - 9 years ago

My wife is from South Africa(Durban) and I'm an American we moved to Mauritius two years ago. If you want to move to Mauritius we can assist you. We can help with work permits, business permits, residents permits. We also show you how to get you retirement permit and continue to live in South Africa until you are ready to retire to Mauritius....
by pbrough in: Mauritius Travel Forum

Re: moving to mauritius - 9 years ago

Hi, I'm an American and my wife is Indian from South Africa. We live in Mauritius full-time. Mauritius is a great place to live and work. Regarding expenses. Housing is the biggest expense. I can help you find good housing. Monthly rent depends on where you live. You can pay as little as 6000 Rupees or I have a friend who rents a beach house for 175000 rupees per month. I have a lovely 3 bedro...
by pbrough in: Mauritius Travel Forum

Re: Moving to mauritius - 9 years ago

Hi, I'm american and my wife is from South Africa. We have moved to Mauritius 2 years ago. We really love it. Island life is not for everyone and the Mauritian culture may take time to adjust. You can live comfortably on $2000 a month. Housing will be your biggest expense. You can spend $4000 to $6000 a month for a beautiful beach home. Or live farther away from the beach and pay $300 to $500 ...
by pbrough in: Mauritius Travel Forum
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