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Travel In Ethiopia

Travel in Ethiopia
August 24, 2003 07:03AM
Registered: 10 years ago
Posts: 2
Looking for travel companions for Ethiopia to visit places of historical importance and nature preserves, including Lalibela, Awash park, Axum, Blue Nile, Gonder etc. Admirable if interested in ancient history, culture & heritage, indigenous people, archaeology, nature & wildlife and photography with slight adventurous mind set.
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sounds like fun!
August 26, 2003 08:12PM
By Johnnie
Registered: 10 years ago
Posts: 1
I am very interested in traveling to Ethiopia for all the reasons you are going. I would like to know more information on your plans.
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Is it safe?
September 08, 2003 01:14AM
Anonymous User
Me and my friend were about to book our trip including Ethiopia and Tanzania, when somebody who's just returned from Malawi warned us of how dangerous it is becoming in Ethiopia. I don't know which specific regions she was refering to,but since I'd be traveling on a shoestring, and avoiding resorts,and major tours, I want to be sure it's safe for independent travelers.
I'd definetly be interested in finding travel buddies, and exploring all that you mention.
Just wondering if it is still relatively safe.
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Travel In Ethiopia
January 07, 2004 09:04AM
Registered: 10 years ago
Posts: 1
Planning to go to Ethiopia October/Novemeber 2004 for the same reasons. Also interested in travelling in Eritria and Djibouti.
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