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Are you interested in volunteer work in Africa?

Are you interested in volunteer work in Africa?
May 11, 2002 08:40AM
Anonymous User
I had an unforgettable six months doing volunteer work in Mozambique and Zimbabwe, teaching English in a teacher training college in Chimoio, Moz, and worked with HIV/AIDS education in the Mutasa district in Zim smiling smiley I came back two months ago. If you're interested in doing something similar, check out the following, and also for more information email me: hpp1@@#$%&.org

Volunteer work in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Angola or Guinea Bissau.

Work with
- street children
- AIDS prevention
- community health
- education project

14 month program
- 6 months training in Denmark
- 6 months work in Africa
- 2 months information work in Europe

New teams start in August or October 2002.

Boarding costs – financial assistance programs available

Check this site out:
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