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Re: Replacement birth certificate from Tanzania - HELP!

Registered: 10 years ago
Posts: 2
I was born in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania in 1971 anh have misplaced my original birth certificate. I am unable to find the telephone and address of the office which issues birth certificates in Tanzania. Can someone help with this information?
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Registered: 10 years ago
Posts: 1
Regional Commissioner ,
Registration, Insolvency and Trusteeship Agency
Telephone 2863716,

try this nuber it might help you
im in the united kingdom tryin to get a replacement birth cirtificate
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Registered: 7 years ago
Posts: 1
I was born in DODOMA TANZANIA on 25/10/1943.My birth name was ]PRABHUDAS PRAGBHAI LAD and my mother's name was MANIBEN PRAGBHAI LAD. I would like to obtain this birth certificate. Please help me as to how to obtain this certificate. Fees will be paid if necessary.
Thank you
Neelash Lad( name been changed by deed poll)
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Registered: 9 years ago
Posts: 119
i just get my birth certificate from this consultant talk to him too
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Registered: 1 year ago
Posts: 2
I was born in 1952 in Arusha, Tanzania and can't find my original birth certificate because my parents have already passed away.
I can't find the phone and address of the office that issues the birth certificates in Tanzania.
Can anyone help with this information?
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