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Re: Looking for Business Partners in Africa - Cars, Car Parts, Brand Clothes, Mobile Phones and more

Dear Business man,

My name is Najef and I am from Germany. I am looking for Business partners in any kind of industry. I can organize and ship basically everything from Germany to Africa. Also I have an excellent network throughout Europe and if anything specialized is needed from the EU countries, I can organize and ship that as well. This opportunity is very interesting for car dealerships, boutiques, computer/electronic stores, drug stores, cosmetic shops and much more. I am intending to establish long term partnerships. So, if you are a serious business man with proper sense of business and experience in your field I am more than willing to work with you. Please post your e-mail address so that I can contact you, and a detailed discussion with more information disclosed will follow.

Kindest Regards,

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contact me on annakagenya at gmail dot com we can work together.
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I m Clement Muhairwe from Uganda ready to work with you.
contact me at and we talk more.

Thank you.
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am interested we do have import business in Tanzania, we can form a joint venture. please email me at :
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Hello, my name is Sam from Rwanda, i am the managing director of itech consult and would like to partner with you in Electronics, Telecommunication and IT equipment. email me at
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Hallo najef,

My name is mary i run a tour firm in Kenya and with a passion to car dealership and car spare parts business. Contact me and we can do business. Thank you
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Hello sir,

Am in Accra, Ghana.
Are you interested in Frozen Chicken and Imcusa 45 sugar.

They are hot selling here in Ghana.
I can market them for you.
my e-mail:
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im intersted to start somthing here in egypt with goods like this please contact me
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i run a bouque shops here in zambia,Africa,i would be interested in working with your there is high demand for good quality products.
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You still looking for business partner
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You still looking for business partner
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iam really interested and iam in business already iam specialised in benze, jeep and chrsyser i do supply parts in zimbabwe and iam a zimbabwean born but order buts from uk, right now iam based in uk but travel to deliver parts in zimbabwe. if interested email me on drowe2006' then i can chat with you about the business because i need to bmw parts from germany.
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Good day

Im willing to partner with you to establish a campsite/lodge.
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iam looking as welle for a buisness partenership so you can email or callme on +44 2083115504 or my mobile +447985457069.

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Hi My name is Kamy

If you are still looking for partners in east africa, please email at

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Hi Najef

I am located in Swaziland and very interested in mobile phones, computers, cosmetics and clothing. Africa is a very competitive market and Swaziland is in need of the above specifics, imported vehicles and spares have already flooded the local market. Could you please get back to me so as to discuss a future bussiness venture.


Adel -
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Hi Dear,
I'm looking for a business partner. I accidentally bumped on to your link through the Google search engine and I decided to reach out to you.

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please i want to partner with you in laptops,phones, digital cameras and cosmetic shop in ghana, so contact me on ''
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I am a senior civil servant in my country, the Gambia and i have lot of connections in promoting your products in the Gambia. If you are interested in doing bussiness with me please do not hesitate to contact me
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I am david
I am looking to do bussiness in gambia wat is the best and fast selling items there pls leg me know by.

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Hi David i want to dping business with ypu .I'm interested of doing business with you . My name is Ousman Bah. You can contact me on email
We can do business on spare parts car business ,Mobiles Laptops and Clothes .
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hellocontact us on we are intrested in cars and also boutiques for our other cloth business or
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I will be delighted if I am considered and given an opportunity to work with you.... I am Apinoko Kevwe Bankz, a Nigerian, I bet you the Nigerian market is what your products needs. After running through the list of your products and considering the high demands for your products, the Nigerian market is available to you to explore. I strongly advice you conduct research (market survey) before opting for a partner. contact No: +2348165808400
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Hi sir
i'm am willing to partner with you.i am from nigeria
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Registered: 7 years ago
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With our own brand NEW MAX, we are long-time manufacturer of high quality – and consumer products for daily needs. We have 35 years experience in the development and quality management and know-how in the manufacture of detergents.
Our products are in daily needs mandatory necessary and offer you by permanent demand an ever-recurring revenue. With our NEW MAX products, we offer an ideal addition to your product range for your trade and your revenues and profits.
Our value for money and our conditions will inspire you!
On request we can deliver the goods in your corporate identity - your own brand. We produce for you the design and layout with integration of your logo and slogan and all other important informations. Moreover, we assume the production of matrix and printing your packaging.
With our NEW MAX products, we offer an ideal addition to your product range for your trade
and your revenues and profits. Use our quality for your trade and make your exclusive national representation in your country.
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I am Charles from Kenya. My email is let us communicate through the mail.
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you can contact me on my email adress,maybe we can work out something if you are really serious
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Hi I am interested with your idea please contact me at
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i am tongai mwenje a zimbabwean,we deal with japanese cars actually we import from japan but the main challenge we have here is we are not meeting the demand of these cars so if we can have someone to join us and provide the product without limitations that will be super and will become the biggest supplier in Zimbabwe if the deal materialises.Zimbabwe is the biggest japanese car importer in Africa thats were the biggest market lies.If you are intrested you can contact me on the following numbers +263 773 013 251 or my email address
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Dear Africaguide-members,

First of all I want to thank for your posts, I really appreciate this. Secondly I want to announce that cars and spare parts are my major focus. Anything else would play a secondary role. Hence I refer to all willing business people dealing with cars, this is an opportunity you shouldn´t leave behind. For all people who are looking for a big change - This industry can and will be revolutionized with my idea.

Kindest Regards,

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Good afternoon.
June 06, 2012 05:07PM
Registered: 7 years ago
Posts: 4
Hello Mr.

How you doing Sir., how are you today? hope you are doing great. By the way of introduction,
my name is Prince Nebo a Liberian from west Africa. Presently i work with the division of transport Ministry of Finance republic of Liberia. I was just going through the web today when i came across this site which is strictly for business people who are reliable.
However, it is very difficult to trust someone nowadays more especially we African simply because of the poverty that is in Africa so you find a lot of people using the internet to steal from others who are trying to extend their contacts on the internet to expand their businesses.
I think this is an opportunity for some of us who are strictly business oriented but don't have the ability to start. I can assure you Liberia is a growing economy where businesses are booming. you can also go on the internet and find out for yourself.
Anyway i will be glad if you could email me through and then we discuss further.
Hoping to hear from you

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I am a young Ghanaian entrepreneur,very faithful ,honest and loyal. I have been struggling to do something for myself and mankind.
I want genuine people todo business with, I have registered my business,one day I was searching online for companies looking for partners in Africa,and I came across you message.
Please, I am very much interested in the car business and love to do business with you.
I ever ready the rest is in yr hands.

I have all the requirements you are looking for.. My email

Hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you
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Dear Najef,
Saw your business proposal and will love to be in good business terms with you. I am in Cameroon. Contact me for more details at
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My name is Nicholas from Ghana and my business name Omni Transport Limited based in Kumasi Ghana. I am looking for Business partners who can organize and ship cars from Germany to Ghana. I have a big garage to park any number of cars.
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Hi, we are interested in cooperation with you. Please send me your email on
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My name is Oleksii.

My company is working in Car business (as a dealer).
We are located in San Diego, California, USA.

I would like to offer you used cars from the USA. Ready to export any volume you need.
We have access to auto auctions all around the USA.

Please, contact me if we can make a business.

Thank you!

Oleksii Bazhynov,
@#$%& and Co-Founder at
Al's Auto Sales & Leasing
+1 (858) 34567-64
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Hi my name is Ousman Bah from the Gambia. I'm interested of doing long term business with you in the Gambia. You can contact me
My best regards
Ousman Bah
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najef11 Wrote:
> Dear Business man,
> My name is Najef and I am from Germany. I am
> looking for Business partners in any kind of
> industry. I can organize and ship basically
> everything from Germany to Africa. Also I have an
> excellent network throughout Europe and if
> anything specialized is needed from the EU
> countries, I can organize and ship that as well.
> This opportunity is very interesting for car
> dealerships, boutiques, computer/electronic
> stores, drug stores, cosmetic shops and much more.
> I am intending to establish long term
> partnerships. So, if you are a serious business
> man with proper sense of business and experience
> in your field I am more than willing to work with
> you. Please post your e-mail address so that I can
> contact you, and a detailed discussion with more
> information disclosed will follow.
> Kindest Regards,
> Najef11

Kenya being a waking up nation in Technology, I would like to find a partner who would wish to assist me set up a big cyber cafe and ICT School. Contact me via for more talk.
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Please contact me on I'm interested of doing business with you in the Gambia. I want long term business partners ship .our business will really work in the Gambia.
My best regards
Ousman Bah
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Hello,\nUs a company of trade and representation based in Burkina Faso.\nFollowing your announcement of search for partners in Africa, we are pleased to offer you our services.\nWe are a dynamic team and we lay out enough space and of relations to carry on the activity.\nReceive our sincere greetings,\nNikièmaBabylon 9

Nous une entreprise de commerce et de représentation basée au Burkina Faso.
Suite à votre annonce de recherche de partenaires en afrique,nous avons le plaisir de vous offrir nos services.
Nous sommes une équipe dynamique et nous disposons assez d'espace et de relations pour exercer l'activité.
Recevez nos sincères salutations,
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Hi There

My nma eis joyce i am a south African , i`m very interested in Computers,cosmetics, mobile phone and clothing , Africa a very competetive market and south africa is in nee,
kindly send me all info aobut this business opportunity

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if you need someone to partner with in uganda,you can contact me on
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Hi there.
I am based in Cameroon, and engaged in trading with mostly used European wares and hardwares particularly from Austria. I am interested in your posting and would like you to contact me trough my email:
Best regards.
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Hello i am a consultant of pacific oil company LTD,i have investors who are looking for a right and trusted partner to work with if you think you can be of good and trusted partner here to invest with some of the investors and they are willing to invest in any good profitable business such as Restaurants,malls ,electronics, wholesale / retail outlets , villas, commercial buildings ,events, commercial lands , hotels , resorts , any running or starting company or business with attractive income generating goals to invest into as a partner in Germany,Turkey, Middle East entire Asia and the world in General UAE,France,Oman,etc so you can contact me for me details so that i can linked you with any of the investors (
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Najef please do email me on this email address i live in a small country called swaziland in the area where i am we need a spares shop, or wholesale this is one of the best business around you need to provide parts for cars like madza toyota bmw and sell almost all parts that will include wheels and maybe open a small garage the rent it out to a mechanic so that even somebody who experience a problem maybe able to buy the part and get his car fixed at the same time.

Looking forward to partner with you


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Establishing in Cameroon is a plus for you. i am a car marketer in Cameroon and Cameroon has a huge market for used cars. contact me via or 00237 95439263.
Thank you
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hey we are HIGH FLYERS INFINITY CO. TANZANIA LTD, Registered in December 18, 2012 with registration number 95901, and Taxpayer Identification Number 120-009-281,
We would like to have business partnership with your company in two fields of BOUTIQUE and LAPTOPS, PHONES, as we are basing in youth markets in Universities.
Managing Director
PHONE; +255766603056
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How you doing Sir? hope you are doing good. my name is anthony.
I am a young Ghanaian entrepreneur,very faithful ,honest and loyal. I have been struggling to do something for myself and set up a busines that will be on top of the market in here,i am into business already.
I want genuine people to do business with, I have registered my business I was searching online for companies looking for partners in Africa,and I came across your message.and really interested in doing business with you and i bet you i will never let you down but rather will make you proud.
Please, I am very much interested in the car business and also consumable products such as fish business cold frozen fish and meet and so on. love to do business with you.
I am ever ready to start business with you the rest is in your hands.
I have all the requirements you are looking for.. My email

Hope to hear from you soonest.
Thank you

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Hi Anthony
Let me know the fast selling product there

Car parts or any other item

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Dear najef,
My father is auto mechanics who repairs all kinds of japan cars and Germany cars like opel and others.He has his own garrage at Kumasi Asafo magazine,Ghana.

He has started sell spare parts and he need some one to do business with.
Actually i am his first son,and i hold First degree in BA Communication design.i was train under him as mechanic and i have passion to manage spare parts store.

I am ready to manage such business if u are also ready to be our partner. One interesting thing is that his shop is well located within Asofo garages populary known as "Asafo fitam".

You can contact me via or 233 0243708593
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I am david how wud u think car spares parts bussiness

Let me know
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i am in senegal i am a tader of used cloth senegal markets and i know it well i m intresting in working with you.


dane faye
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Hi I'm from the uk please get in touch
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i am in zimbabwe in southern africa and i own a zimbabwean registered company. i am interested in partnering you in communication systems that is selling computers laptops musical instruments and other electronics. for more information email me
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hi najef,
my name is albert botchway and am from Ghana.
its unfortunate i couldn't get onto this website in time but i still hope we can become business partners.
phone number : +233244258626

will be waiting for your email or call.
best regards,
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I am very much interested in blackberry phone sales because its a hot business here in Nigeria
My email address is

[] []
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Dear Sir, Madam

We are selling used clothing from Japan and Korea

If you are looking for a trustworthy company in Korea which can assist to find good quality of used clothes please feel free to contact us.

We are searching for long-term partners to promote our product in your territory.

Before placing an order, we always welcome you to visit and verify our quality and capability to receive good quality for your market.

We are concern to present best quality with competitive price.

Sale Director


112-4 Jiwol-ri, Chowol-myeon Gwangju-si
Gyeonggi-do 464-863 South Korea
PHONE: 0082 31 762 4611
Mobile: +82 10 8416 0625
FAX: 0082 31 762 4616
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Please contact me in Tanzania -East Africa for further setup
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Re: Looking for a Partner
May 14, 2013 11:36AM
By benezer
Registered: 6 years ago
Posts: 1
Hello Naje I will appreciate if we work together in Tanzania dealing with processing industries eg SUNFLOWER oil production and Poultry Production .The market is available.
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My name is Sylvester Zwambila and I am from Zimbabwe. Our is a growing economy and I will be interested in the Mobile phones Market. We use the US dollar and there is high demand in the Android and Smartphone sector. High returns are guaranteed. For more information may you please contact me on

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Dear Sir/Madam

i am a zambian citizen and i am the director for neckom investments limited. my company is a general dealing company. i am interested do business in car part, brand clothes, mobile phones and more. Zambia is a good market for all the business requested and i am a serious business man need a business partner like you. Please contact me on e-mail address: or call me on +26 0963 509931. i am ready to send all my company resume for your approval and do business in zambia particulary in africa at large.

yours sincerely,

Newa Kezias
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Hello in Gilbert form Ghana West Africa. I run a multimedia firm in Ghana and will be interested in doing business with you.This is my email or call me on +233266069309. I am standing by for further instructions. Cheers
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i am licensed car dealer in Ethiopia contact me at
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Hello Mr Najef,

I'm Rija from Madagascar. I would like to know if you will be interested to invest on a business project about dairy milk processing in antsirabe Madagascar.

Thanks for your response.

Yours faithfully,
email :
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My name is Tongai Mwenje and i am in the car business industry but my challenge is cash wise,i have got a lot of clients but i cant meet the demand due to lack of funding,so i am looking for a partner who can make this business grow by investing in this small and individual business to make it big and well known,i am a zimbabwean my email adress is for more information


Tongai Mwenje
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Is zimbabwe is a gud market for spares

Let me.know

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Hi Najef I'm only interested in buying auto spare parts from you as well if its cheaper, please contact me at By the way am from Liberia in West Africa,Thanks
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Hi hope you are fine. Please am from West Africa may write me here:
 Reply  Quote in Uganda, if you still have room for one more business partner
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Hi i hope you are fine my name is Dabre am in West Africa precisely in SIKASSO republic of Mali. Dear sirs here electronic materials such as Mobile phones, computers are still a luxure and it is lacking we can make good deals on them if only we can get someone who can helps us to have them. So please feel free to send me your adresses such as Skype for more better comunition. Thanks have good days.
Best regards
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Dear Asparant Business Partner,

Global Multi-Business Company Ltd is 100% Ghanaian owned company registered under the laws of Ghana located in Kumasi, Ghana. The company has been registered to undertake several business activities such as Import & Export, Transport & Haulage, Tourism, Book-keeping, accounting and Consultancy, Hire purchase, Sales & Repairs of Computers & Accessories, and Civil Engineering.

However, our company continues to look for partners around the world. I came across your proposal on the internet I decided to accept your proposal for us to partnerup. You may reply via the contact given below:

Cell No: +233 205 18 10 63 / +233 272 79 51 96
Company: Global Multi-Business Company Ltd
Country: Ghana
Contact Person: George Owusu
Position: Managing Director
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Dear Sir

Recent extensive research on our part has indicated a strong market can be built for your products in South Africa and the rest of Africa.We are import/export agents and currently seek a company of your size and stability for whom we can help secure sales in export markets.We are very well aware that your products have earned you an excellent reputation in your home market and feel we can assist you in building a similar reputation abroad.

Utilising the services of an agency such as this will be the most cost-effective way ahead for your company.We are paid a commission strictly on a results-only basis-no results,no pay-and,as principal,you remain in complete control of any activities undertaken.Naturally,as your agent,we would specify whatever payment method by the purchasers your bank advises.However,we would remove from you the burden of investigating the market,finding buyers and setting up sales and you would incur no new overheads.I am convinced that we could make a significant contribution to your business and would welcome your views on this.

I would be happy if you feel now may be the right time to expand into new markets.There are many areas that you might wish to discuss about what we can do to win you a share of expanding export markets at this point in time.I am confident that we both have much to benefit from co-operating in this manner and we hope this letter will have convinced you that an opportunity exists.Suffice it to say that we look forward to hearing from you in the near future,at which time we can investigate this profitable avenue further.

Please contact me at:

Yours faithfully

Edwin C. de Lange
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Dear, Najef.

Am located in zambia, work for my brothers cleaning company as a manager. The company as 5 branches across the borders of the country.
Am really interested in partnering with you in your business especially motor vehicle business. car business is moving @ the fastest rate in our country with a lot of people wants to buy cars but with a lot of challenges on buying them because the only way of buying cars is by Internet. So when you buy this vehicles you have to wait one to two months before you can see your car from Japan.
Also computers and clothes, our country is one of the fastest growing economy in africa. And the government have identified ICT as tool to the country economy so everyone wants to own a computer especially schools. Clothes is also another area because everyone. Wants to be updated with the morden fashion.
My email address or
My mobiles No. +260977141910
How really appreciate to hear from you soon

Nkole Chewe
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I am Drissa From Mali. If you are still looking for partner contact me at I am very comited for these kinds of Business. Thank.
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Hi Najef,

I stay in Liberia now and I am interested in developing furniture business with Germany partner.
Would you possibly to mail me:

Vladimir from Belarus

P.s. I can read in Germany also.
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Dear sir
I am interested in your proposal please for detail you can contact me here, or invite me on my SKYPE, mario.dabre
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I am interested, I am freight forwarder and I have my own company and i am now into the trading can contact me on
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please Mr najef

am emmanuel from Ghana as use car parts business man and many other business i just read your message and please i fine interest in your post so can we do business togather as partners thanks and hope to hear from you by the way i have been in sweeden before and as ma writting to you am on my way to sweeden to greece to germany so let me hear from you if is posible thanks

best reagards emmanuel kwadwo oppong
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please Mr najif am sorry i did not add my email address so this is my email address
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hi najet
am in africa send me more information we can make a good
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I am james from malawi a car importer also planning to go into spare parts,malawi is an up and coming market,nothing is saturated let us do business.
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dear sir, am mr remmy from lagos nigeria, i want to partner with you on used auto spare parts. my mobile +2348066399195. email:
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My name is boubacar sarr, i am senegalese so if the Senegal interest you , i will be happy to be your partner
Thank yoy
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Sean Walker, President
Caerus International Corp.

Company information:

Our business
Used Car Export
Auto Auction Support
Business hour
10:00am – 5:00pm (Mon to Sat)
Holiday: Sunday
Contact info
Office TEL: +1-206-600-6094
Office FAX: +1-206-600-6094
Mobile (Sprint): +1-202-294-9361
Head Office: Mulberry Ct. Stephens City, Virginia 22655

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 01/13/2014 09:56PM by CaerusCorp.
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Good day Sir,

My name is Phenyo from Botswana. I'm contacting you basically for one major reason which is what you have said on your post that you have "an excellent network throughout Europe". I consider myself to be visionary in business matters and I have a proposal that has to do with setting up of a CNC production house. If this might be of interest to you please contact me

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am so delighted to contact you i hope life is treating you well.
well i am a businessman i am a zambian citizen and i would like
a longterm partnership with you.

i understand zambian market so much that i have an outstanding
business relation and conections in the zambian market ,i am able
to meet the targets in good time.i can sell cars and electronic appliances

you can contact me on +260966010901
i look forward to hear from you soon
kind regards
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Registered: 5 years ago
Posts: 1
Good day, we are a South African company set up to export mini solar systems into africa to solve the electricity problems of rural communities. We provide a solar panel, 3 solar lights and a cellphone charger at reasonable pricing. Current contracts being negotiated are large. Help us to give the people of Africa a light source that will eliminate the need for candles and parafin causing fires and injury or death. Contact us at
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I'm a young and actif guy from Cameroon- Central Africa with alot of ambitions and realisation.
I've been so far involved in car business and I'm actually very successful in a particular German make. I'm very much eager to make a great expansion of this make with several other models.
I will be interested to expose more on my ideas and my realisation.
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My name is Patrick Chima.I live and do my clothing business in the Federal Capital Territory,Abuja,Nigeria.I specialized in designer's wears in the following catigories;
1.Men-blazzier,shirt and jeans to fit
2.Women-shirt,blouse and skirt,flat shoes
3.Children (age-10-15years)wears.
Presently,i operate from a shop outlet and hope to expand.I can assure you that Nigeria is a big market in Africa.
Thanking you.
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Hello am George am a real estate and property management in Abuja ,Nigeria let's work together you can contact me :, phone no: 2348161310517 .

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Hi am reno if you real mean business email me at or skype Id bopice2 for more discussion
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My name is Rowland from the most populous country n biggest economy in Africa..Nigeria. The products you listed will best be marketable and more profiting in Nigeria considering our competitive advantage as a big marketing player in the African continent. Please drop me a mail on details so I can further highlight my marketing strategy for good returns.My email is Phone +234812599594. Looking forward to hearing from you soon as a potential long term business partner. Best regards, Rowland
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Contact me on the following email
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Im an east african with Finnish nationality
Ive been raised most of my life in England and i am currently Living in Finland.

My background comes from ethiopia and there are vast opportunities there when it comes to importing cars and trucks...

When it comes to small cars toyotas are in most demand as theyre spare parts are very cheap there

Also trucks are badly needed as the demand exceeds the supply as Ethiopia has a large population and the government has in the recent years started to invest in the countries development.
I have also connections to the governments development branch especially in the region were my family lives in. There are opportunities on renting trucks to the goverment and gettin payed two years rent before hand.
Or selling small commercial vehicled which are taxed more heavily.

To avoid paying this tax i can arrange business deals with licensed importers that would buy and pick up the cars at ports close to ethiopia.

If this interests you and your still looking for business partners heres my email adress for further discussions
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If you are serious and genuine, I'm interested. I'm in Nigeria and here is my email you can contact me as soon as possible
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How are you just read your advertising and if you're still interested just contact me .
Am from Ghana and can help with second hand clothing , ,mobile phones and even trucks .

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Dear Najif,
I am interested to do business with you, more especially on electronics. I am from Malawi, in the southern part of Africa.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Kondwani Hara
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Dear Najef11,
I am interested to do business with you here in Malawi, southern part of Africa. I am interested in the electronics. My email address is:

Thank You,
Kondwani Hara
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I am interested to know more about your company and
the range of products you offer. I will be grateful if you
could also send me your catalogs.

I look forward to your reply

Best Regards
Effort Gashu
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Thank you very much for your interest.

Under this link you will find the products I am selling currently:


This is my new Topic-Post, hence I would appreciate movement there

Kindest Regards,

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hi, kindly contact me on
 Reply  Quote
I m from Swaziland and interested,I am a businessman.
 Reply  Quote
please contact me through me fortune awaits us.
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hi I am from Ethiopia and lets talk via email
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Kindly send me your offer, I live in Ghana and am looking to import used car spare parts.
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I am interested my name is Alex I am based in Nigeria this are my contacts +2347046372177 and +2349094352767
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Salama alaykum najef.
Im somalian who is business orientated and have wide specters of network in kenya ethiopua somalia as well as djabuti. I lived 25 yrs in europe but currently residing living in africa. Contact me at
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Dear sir/Ma,

My name is Ayodele Joseph Adepitan MD / @#$%& of Truth Key Cargo Nigeria Limited,i will like to introduce our company profile and our services as i stated it below:-

Truth-Key Cargo (@#$%&) Limited is one of the fast growing indigenous Licensed Freight Forwarding and Clearing companies in Nigeria,Truth Key is incorporates by the Nigeria corporate Affairs commission in year 2002,we are freight forwarder company in Lagos,Truth Key office
is located at this address below:-

No.2,Dele Araoye Street,
Hotlines: +2348033086231
Website :

TRUTH KEY CARGO started with LCL business and ventured into FCL business follow by airfreight,project cargo handling by our own
offices within Nigeria and agents worldwide.The facilities and function in these brances are similar to Lagos sea Ports(Apapa/Tincan Port),PortHacourt
and Calabar Port also Lagos Airport,Abuja Airport.

We are represented in LAGOS,CALABAR SEA PORTS.
We operate our own customs brokerage at LAGOS Sea Ports Lagos sea
Ports(Apapa/Tincan Port),Port Hacourt and Calabar Port & LAGOS/ABUJA
International Airport (LOS / ABV).

At LAGOS PORT, TRUTH KEY CARGO associate office runs our own CFS inside the port area.

we have agents represent us in the following Countries below:- China,Dublin,Malaysia,Vietnam,Taiwan,United Kingdom, Kenya,Tanzania,Egypt,Southern Asia e.t.c. As a neutral CFS operator, we handled approximate 50 Tons per month
for both in & outbound shipments. We also operate transshipment hub at LAGOS SEA PORT for transshipment cargo to various parts of the world.
Our air cargo division service many international route and we consolidate domestics shipment weekly between North,South,East& West Nigeria.We load approximate 20 tons per month to all international destination.
We cater for large number nomination cargo via other agent around the world through good & friendly recommendation.

TRUTH KEY CARGO HQ has 23 well trained staffs to assist you in your international logistics requirement.

Export and Import LCL & FCL
Triangle Shipments @ Drop Shipment
CFS Operation
Customs Brokerage
Project Cargo Handling
Ship Agency
Tug & Barge Operator and Owner
Container Vessel Operator and Owner

Export and Import
Direct Loading
Domestic & International route
Project Air Cargo Handling
Warehousing and Delivery
Customs Brokerage

Affliate Airlines
1)Saudi Airline(sv)
2)Ethiopian Airline(ET)



All sales matter and leads will be handled by our Business Development team and once contact is made, you will be informed of the progress and results.

Please advise if you have any air cargo to/from LAGOS or any sea cargo (LCL/CL) to/from LAGOS SEA PORT,PORT HARCOURT & CALABAR PORT.We do have tariff for standard cargo handling charge to all agents for nomination shipment and vice verse.

Our company offered one stop total logistics to agent and customerworldwide. With our monthly update and contracted rates with carrier we can offer a very competitive pricing to your nomination with us.

Looking forward to receive your kind reply.

Thanks and Best Regard
MD / @#$%&
Head Office
2 DeleAraoye Str off Osemene Close,

Tel: +234-01-4540492
Mobile Hotlines :+2348033086231,+2348058450805, +2348094025386
Emails: -
Website: [] /
QQ /
Skype :truthkeycargo
MSN :truthkeycargo
Black beryy Ping:2B23BFF1
*Nigeria custom brokers of Nigeria(NCBN)
*International Forwarders Association(IFA)
*Custom Brokers & Forwarders Association of America.(CBFAA)
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Hello please contact me on am from warm heart of Africa-Malawi

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Hi Najeff?Hope you are fine and is still interested in doing business with Africa.I am Kenyan and is willing and ready to learn.kindly get me on +254720539859 or you in advance
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I have a workshop and deals on repair and maintenance of vehicles among other bussiness lines.You can visit our website: and our Facebook page is linked as well.I am pretty much looking for any serious european person to partner with as we are looking to extensively take pace on European vehicles. If you see we can potentially twist in a line that benefits both parties please do not hesitate to contact me.The company is based Dar es salaam , Tanzania and supplies across the region.

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Hi I'm from the uk I'm intrested in exporting cars to Africa plz let me know
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my Names am called Kennedy and I have a registered consultant farm and working in rwanda, Burundi,Uganda and Congo which helps all business partnership and investors around world ranging in Car export, electronics, green energy, solar projects,hydro power projects, export, mining and many more and if your interested please fill free to contact us on

Tel +256788668679
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Hi my name is Arif live in woodside queens and work in Manhattan in clothing industry also i own a garments factory which is located in Bangladesh. I have some business ideas we can discuss it over the phone so please call me at +13478066046 or just mail me your contact information at please.  I think it would be great to know each other thanks.Arif (USA)
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Willing to be a partner
December 13, 2016 07:12PM
Registered: 3 years ago
Posts: 2
Sir. My name is victor and my email address is but I don't have capital. But I have connections in Cameroon and Nigeria for businesses thank you
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please contact me on
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Dear Sir,

I am Emmanuel writing from Ghana.I have Marketing experience and l have ready buyers for Brazilian lcumsa 45 sugar in Ghana.Buyers are ready to pay for the full cost of the sugar if seller can send original copy of the Bill of Laden of the Brazilian Icumsa 45 sugar to a bank in Ghana as buyer pays the money through the bank.

Buyer does not issue any Bank Instrument.I also have buyer of Frozen fish from Mauritania, working with the same Procedure.This shall be long term business as l look forward to hear from you as we discuss further.Thank You very much. My-mail:
Emmanuel Odei Gyebi.
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Hello, we at conbeat Integrated are ready for further discussions. Please email us at
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Hi. My name is Hadim and I am from the Gambia. I am interested in working with you. I don't have a dealer or anything, I need a second income.kindly email me on
Am in Germany now
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Registered: 2 years ago
Posts: 12
Retail Network Clothing is A Used Clothing supplier offering Summer mix Grade A and B sorted and Un sorted

Children swear Menswear and Ladies wear No Stains rips or tears or old fashioned all the Rubbish taken out offering good high quality Clothing.
Contact me on 00447391167024 or for a quote
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Hi my name is Eseleam Ajeali. I am very much interested in you business; especially as relates to cars and computers. My email is
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Greetings from Liberia,

We are very much looking forward to partnering with you. Please let me know if you are interested working along with us.

Here is is my email at:


Zuo D. Taylor
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I am from DAKAR Senegal and I want to be your partner in selling goods from EU
I have a website where I can reserve a great space in this business
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Hi, I am interested in this opportunity. Kindly contact me at:
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please am interested, contact me on my Email :
Businesses name confused smileyalamuta global venture.
Country :Nigeria
nationality : Nigeria
Name :chidiebere Samuel Ezeibe
Telephone : (+234)7067445949
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My email address is PAPPY.KRANE1@GMAIL.COM.
Looking forward to doing business with you.
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Hello partners i have private foreign Investor in search for possible investment opportunities in any country of the world,they are willing to invest in any part of the Middle East,GCC Gulf countries and African since there is evidence of a prominent economic out there,they are looking for a partners to venture with in any good profitable business,so if you are interested to know more about the venture business and what kind of business the investors are interested in,you can send me a mail on (
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I starts my E-commerces business clothing contact me
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I'm Ebrima,I live in the Gambia.I was lookin for a business partner to represent here.I came across your details using the Google search engine and decided to mail you that we are going to open a window of prolonging this conversation.Add me on whatsapp +220 9931620 or Mail me at
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hallo entrepreneours, I am dithuso kakuwa in Botswana,,i have registered car business, so I need a partner who will supply me with used and new cars from japan or any place and I will sell them here and share the agreed percentange

contact me here


+267 77876141

my regards.
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for car business in Botswana

OR call +267 77876141
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I was looking for an opportunity . ..
I am Tanzanian but living in the UK .
I have a big shop on a very prime street. The shop is ideal for hardware and electrical equipment like all kinds of machines for farming , generators , locks etc.
If interested please email me
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Hello, my friend’s my name is Austin. A car dealer here in the USA Looking to export cars. Me and my company are honest and fair on price we are looking for any good people that want to be long or short term business partners we can get any car your heart or money deserves please contact me at my email

Thank you
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plz contact me at , i am in Tanzania
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HI am an individual, interested to work with you: email:
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Hello, my name is Patrick i live in Romania, your offer sounds interesting, if you are interested i would like to import something to Romania. If you are interested, please e mail me:
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Hello am alpha from gambia live in Germany doing car business too..I would be happy if u contact me we talk in detail so. ..004915788900336
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Hi Dear,
I'm looking for a business partner in sales and return on any business. I accidentally bumped on to your link through the Google search engine and I decided to reach out to you.

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