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Re: My husband and I are interested in living and working in Mauritius as teachers. We are Nigerians and live in Lagos Nigeria. How do we go about it? Thanks

Good day.
Please my husband and I are Nigerians interested in living and working in Mauritius. We have degrees in education and have been teaching for over 6 years.
We do not have dependents.
How do we go about it.
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We are a firm of relocation consultants for bona fide (financially solvent and able to pay) individuals, couples and families wanting to relocate to Mauritius.

We facilitate:
    [*] Work Permit application and processing
    [*] Residence Permit application and processing
    [*] Scheduling and execution of Medical Examination (after arrival in Mauritius)

Important Note: Relocation applicants with known medical conditions should contact us for an assessment before applying. We are not to be held accountable for applicants' medical status. As such, in case of application failure due to medical conditions, the applicant will still be required to pay our fees in full.

To clients that refer other clients to us, on successful relocation of the referred client, we offer the referring client either a discount or cash back of US$ 1,000 (for referred individuals), US$ 1,200 (for referred couples) or US$ 1,500 (for referred families)

If you are interested, please contact us on
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